Miranda Kerr Takes Over Paris Fashion Week–Stuns On & Off The Runway!

Paris Fashion Week SS14 - Stella McCartney - Departures

We’re seriously in awe of watching Miranda Kerr work her effortless style while catwalking around Paris Fashion Week. We’ve gone through the trouble showcasing each of her looks over the past 24 hours and even used our patented zoom cameras to spotlight Miranda’s sexiest special effects. The leading set of pics were snapped earlier today as Miranda left the Stella McCartney fashion show after walking the runway.

Miranda’s enjoying an amazing career post-Victoria’s Secret, so I’m pretty sure marketing execs at VS are somewhat bitter that they didn’t work harder in renegotiating Miranda’s contract so that she could still stay on the company’s payroll while working on her personal projects on the side. Even though parting ways is going to the be the more lucrative option for Miranda (remember Gisele?), walking past VS stores at the local mall just isn’t going to be the same! I guess we’ll have to settle on Candice making dudes walking along their wives and girlfriends feel somewhat awkward as they try to look, but not stare.

Here’s Miranda on the runway for Stella McCartney:

Paris Fashion Week Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2014

As for Miranda’s other looks as she makes her way around Paris Fashion Week, we’re digging them all except for maybe the weird-looking blue dress. This must be out of Victoria Beckham’s new collection of old-school dresses…

Miranda Kerr out and about

Miranda Kerr out and about during Paris Fashion Week Ready to Wear Spring:Summer 2014 DETAILS-1

Miranda Kerr out and about during Paris Fashion Week Ready to Wear Spring:Summer 2014 DETAILS-7

Paris Fashion Week SS14 - Stella McCartney - Departures

  • DrewMoney

    Nobody wears a pony tail as well as Miranda. Gorgeous!
    I love the navy dress with the brown shoes. Her fashion sense alone makes her sexy.

  • johnconnor777

    that photo of her winking is awwwwww

  • nrkey

    That skin, those dimples, that hair, that… everything. <3

    • lenilovesfeet

      and dat nose, lol! I love everything about Miranda except for nose. She’s super cute, I like her body, lovely legs and cute feet.

      • nrkey

        lenilovesfeet Damnit now you’ve ruined her for me!

        • johnconnor777

          nrkey lenilovesfeet if you want perfection there is only Candice

        • nrkey

          johnconnor777 I hate “perfection” and thankfully Candice isn’t perfect either.

      • MoeJackson

        Damn you, Leni

  • lenilovesfeet

    Yeah, she should hang out with Kelly Brook and Jessica Alba and teach them how to dress.

  • GrgeCdnBastard

    Sexier than Miley.

  • bryanzee

    ten ten

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Let’s agree to not have closeups of Miranda’s nose. It has dimples on dimples. However, she rocks the runway. There is a reason she is a model. Clothing of all types just look good on her. She is a walking clothes rack and gets paid millions for it.

  • curvefan


  • lenilovesfeet

    why, I’m just pointing the obvious 🙂