Today’s Top 5 Supermodel Selfies On Instagram

Have a killer weekend, everyone! Don’t forget to hit the gym to build up those calorie credits for Thanksgiving! OW!

Thumbs up with @terryrichardsonstudio 📷 👍👍👍

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Jasmine Tookes still cruising in Brazil…


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Sister. Wife. @zoelisterjones

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This pic of Ale comes from VS photog Jerome Duran’s personal collection…

A start

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Julie Henderson is enjoying Mexico these days. I wanna go, damn it!!!

Moms home #mexico #sayulita @tinavalentina

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Perfection #sayulita #mexico #sunset #hammocktime

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Lunch spot #Mexico #sayulita #cantgetenoughtacos

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Kenza Fourati writes, “Someone is REALLY happy to have made it to Brazil!”

Not exactly a selfie, but we just couldn’t pass this one up….

  • johnconnor777

    Candice …

    • johnconnor777 Speaking of blondes, good luck with Sara tomorrow.

      • johnconnor777

        Gabbo johnconnor777 I met her, she is so nice and sweet, tried to pull a borat-Pam Anderson but didn’t work out. Wish you could have made it, took a million pictures but I am not a photographer and only had the iphone.

        • johnconnor777 Yeah, she’s super sweet and a cutie. Good stuff. Hope you had fun.

        • johnconnor777 Woo, awesome.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Candice! And Alyssa. I never liked Petra much.

  • nrkey

    Candice blows everyone away. Alyssa and Jocelyn are almost plain in comparison.

  • 101

    Most of these aren’t selfies.

    • MoeJackson

      @101 ha. ya, we’re obviously taking a very liberal approach, which pretty much means any photo we find interesting on a supermodel’s instagram page…

  • DrewMonet

    Alyssa’s face and Bar’s body.
    Some woman must have hijacked Candice’s instagram account, because that looks nothing like her in the first pic. Different teeth, skin, and there appears to be boobs!

  • mooty

    why has no one mentioned that Bar is obviously doing a shoot with Terry Richardson? do you Terry.. do you! and bring us some magic

  • kljsdkljfklsdjfkj
    How does Candice manufacture boobs on a selfie when she has none???    She’s trying too hard, just like Miranda.  Full of themselves.

    • Bobby

      @kljsdkljfklsdjfkj prob chicken cutlets and pushing together real hard….hahaha yea shit full of themselves they have become, you’re on point about that.

      • kljsdkljfklsdjfkj

        @Bobby   Yes, this is my favourite Miranda move.  She photoshops only herself in a pic that she owns the original on instagram (posted a year ago by herself).  When it causes an uproar, she back pedals and says she searched for the photo on the internet and someone else must have photoshopped it. (but not the other
        Self absorbed and a bad liar.

        • Bobby

          @kljsdkljfklsdjfkj I read about this…ridiculous.

  • johnconnor777

    Gabbo johnconnor777 Here is the proof… the lovely and adorable Sara Underwood and me. Moe you have to do an Austin Con Gallery