5 Best Dressed at Global Green USA’s Pre-Oscar Party

Ashley Greene, Eliza Coupe, Jennifer Akerman, Malin Akerman, Maggie Grace

Pictured: Ashley Greene, Eliza Coupe, Jennifer Akerman, Malin Akerman, Maggie Grace

Global Green USA held their 11th Annual Pre-Oscar Party At Avalon in Hollywood. Global Green USA is dedicated to rebuilding communities subject to environmental degradation. The zero-waste party rose over $20,000 during the live auction following the plant-based dinner. Musician Michelle Branch modeled a Gemesis three-stone conflict-free lab grown diamond ring, which sold for $12,000. [Source]

  • lenilovesfeet

    I like Eliza and Maggie.

  • IamLegend_2000

    rebuilding communities on the vast amount of 20 grand from some very wealthy persons who want their face in the news…..I like the talent of some of these people but not their open hearted-closed wallet giving ways….

  • johnconnor777

    just realized something… our beloved lenilovesfeet is the fusion of Malin and Diane…

    • lenilovesfeet

      lmao! I wish I looked like Diane, I don’t think I look like Malin at all though. And did you really have to use my old pic… Awww, look at my chubby cheeks, even my nose was overweight, hahahaha!

      • johnconnor777

        lenilovesfeet Nonsense, you will always be our favorite bastardly lady of the day… @http://email.livefyre.com/wf/click?upn=k-2FXZig94sb8H4hj87a-2BeiRKREr3pyM3ewYxkdzjkzFocSUDIX3COVXZsPJ3mS2hzKkd6jTzgYc0Bnq4zPTUmvDc-2BooW5wwoednfw2pT4ux05YwIccOTCWH44Im-2F-2Fr5tsMSqKVvpndgfD5a-2FjEK7MSJQZLj8VrR-2FllBYywx6jnOlZwyTYGxuQQsD49AfcYEylUn8m9EDVGQ5LfEJC8W6tS6WnDtJKUUcwLg54psxmPBg-3D_EmLgVGNgdilXys3cXWyAWmuVvgOImNjvKbP584gJskZLqV9Wgcx-2B8mFatp7tmxLnJXmDmBYHQ1DLcMsLtl06GeA-2BEoWx-2Br46V32wtovLTi3ZhingD9mdLif97My-2FB4FAO-2BE13mDnG-2BDT0PmUWzySoWr639ULE0Cj2bXV84t0AE3SdneFmkLFlIegwPNCHKkmX-2FPWwXnlhjMoDBMzgB07jg-3D-3D, bring back the BLOTD!!!!

        P.S. I use that photo because these are the ones you had published here, I’d dare to use a photo of you that you didn’t publish before 😉

  • first_class_army_sgt

    I love that Ashley Greene.

  • McP

    Jennifer Akerman > Malin Akerman