Yup, Alicia Keys Went Jogging in St. Barts With Her iPad Mini

Alicia Keys - out for a jog in St-3AJKSHFKJA

Hey, at least it wasn’t a regular iPad, right?

And to Alicia’s credit, she was jogging around in luxuriously exotic St. Barts and wanted to snap a few selfies with the beautiful views, so we can’t blame her too much. Then again, we’re for anything that keeps people exercising, so good for Alicia!

  • McP

    If she walked right past me I would not have recognized her.

  • mike

    she needs to jog twice a day for the next year

  • curvefan

    Yikes, who knocked up her thighs?

  • skilligan

    she has a big ole ass for sure, when did it get so big?