Is Born!

Yes-yes. It’s that time, kids. It’s time to go to an even lower low. Just when you thought was quite possibly the most horrible name for a weblog that represents all that is listed above, comes into play.

So tell all your Vietnamese family & friends. Tell even those horny Hiromi Oshima-stalker friends. And lastly, don’t forget those especially cool friends who love to hate Asslee Simpson. Remind them now that the party is not over yet, it just moved down the block to

Oh yeah, one last thing…
Remember, we love all people. Bastard kids are not at fault for anything, nor are their parents. Actually, let me take that back. If anything, society should call the parents Bastards & leave the poor kids alone. Being born a bastard is just as beautiful of a thing as being conceived by a couple in wedlock—No difference except when you’re a bastard child, society assumes your mommy was knocked up (thus, the negative connotation). Although in some cases that might be true, you are still special & the wild sex your mommy & daddy enjoyed was special, too (at least, at that particular time).


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Caitie Harmful
Caitie Harmful

Look everyone, it's the very first post.