Bastardly Breaking News! Victoria Silvstedt Caught Whoring In Broad Daylight in St. Tropez

- Jessica Simpson’s Breast Shot Of The Day
- Lindsay Lohan Gets Hacked
- Now You Too Can Sleep with Paris

- Leg Porn
- You know it’s hump day when…
- Britney Spears is Mesmerized
- Ashlee Simpson is Not Wearing Lingerie

- Nicole Richie buckles under the weight of oversized sunglasses
- Kevin Smith Vs. Joel Siegel in Audio
- Forget Jessica…..I’m going Nicole
- Leah Remini saw Suri Cruise

- The Stars Come Out For ABC
- Christie Brinkley’s husband loves the ‘teens
- Tara Reid Tans the Girls

- Jessica Simpson visits TRL
- I Ate Kelly Brook’s Grandmother
- Hilary Duff’s Sister Finally Gets A Job. Haha. It’s about fucking time!!

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If I had the money i'd pay for some of that arse


Not a fan at all, if I was drunk, didn't know who she was, and the bar was dimly lit maybe. That picture of her getting munched on the beach gave me the heebie jeebies with that garden gnome between her legs.


fake boobs are so gross

Lindsey Lohan
Lindsey Lohan

No, nothing. But Chris Wragge is probably gay. It's not like it's the first time Vicky gets caught on camera with some old geezer, He doesn't seem to care.

Dr. Victor von Doom
Dr. Victor von Doom

I'm curious:

Did anything ever come out of the pussy eating from ugly little hobbit incident?

i.e. is she still married or did her husband do the manly thing and kick her skank ass to the curb ?