Bastardly Breaking News!! Keeley Hazell NOT Flaunting Her Rack!

These were snapped @ the “Sex And The City” World Premiere in London

First off, why was Keeley Hazell invited to this premiere?! Her main fanbase is a bunch of horny dudes from around the globe. Are they really trying to market this flick to the horndogg demographic?! Anyway, here’s some buzz about the flick…

Sex and the City movie: will the wait be worth it?

Four years, over 1,000 costume changes and endless rumours and internet leaks later, Sex and the City: The Movie will hold its world premiere in London tonight. The film, the first spin-off from the long-running TV programme which followed the lives and loves of four New York women and was credited with everything from sparking hundreds of fashion trends to undoing decades of feminism, is one of the most highly anticipated openings of the year and has been trailed with an unprecedented but unsurprising amount of international publicity. [Guardian]

  • Alekto

    She looks awkward hiding her neck like that.
    However, I kinda like her shoes..everything else is nasty.

  • mazarella

    is her chin attached to the base of her neck with an invisible thread??

    wtf is she always looking down with her head but forcing the eyes up?? othe than that and her ridiculously scrawny thighs.. she looks good:)

  • endlessly

    i think she has the innocent look which some people find attractive

  • jamieson

    most overrated chick ever!!!, is she known in America at all? cos i’d like to know what they think of her.

    In England all the papers and lads mags make big noise about her, like she’s Lima or something, in reality she’s a very ordinary chick, average face, some of the most shapeless legs, actually apart from her big ole’ tits, her entire body is nasty.

    SMH @ 80% of dudes in the UK that think she’s the hottest girl on the planet

  • MadMax

    Very pretty with wonderful eyes, however, respectable is a subjective perception and the key word here is “look”. Pay attention, there will be a test.

    The pockets on the dress totally lost my attention though.

  • Stephanie

    she looks like shit

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    legs are too skinny… no shape at all.

  • Frost

    At first glance, I thought Hillary Duff had something else done to her face.

  • d_jologs

    crappy dress, legs are too thin for her body, should have worn a see thru top

  • Andre Stander

    No titties. 🙁

  • jennyla

    Ew. Ew. Weird slouching, chicken legs, ew, ew all over.

    However, I will ignore these horrible pictures because this is one girl that has actually made my knees weak when I’ve seen her topless.

  • Dave

    She’s gorgeous she just don’t know how to dress. That’s all. Check out more pics of her in wireimage and you’ll see how crazy her fashion is.

  • Grandmaster of Disaster

    i’d so hit that!

  • Jaclyn

    I’ve never even heard of her (I live in america), is she a model or something?? She’s not that pretty…

  • Meow

    Isnt it kind of sad that a 20-something year old girl who doesnt do much apart from partying, posing nude/half nude and leaking homemade porn looks so old and used? And these are event pictures..