Who Has The Best Celebrity Bikini Ass Pic… When Bent Over? Ow!

With summer right around the corner, why not waste precious office time checking out chicks bent over in their bikini bottoms? Anyway, with the help of the Internet, as well as our massive archive of bikini pics, we’ve compiled a delicious post for you bastards to feast on for the rest of the day (and probably years to come).

Remember, before laying down your top five picks, please take a few minutes to consider various angles, tightness, meaty-ness, and of course, bite-ability, pinch-ability, & slap-ability factors.

Have fun!

  • DrTentacle

    1 Biel
    2 Alba
    3 Meester

    Honorable Mention: Liz Hurley

    “I don’t think I was really an ass-man till this thread.”

  • grift

    1: Alba
    2: Nicole
    3: Biel

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    This is gonna sound weird (seeing as no one else has picked her yet) but I’m gonna say Lindsay Lohan, page 17.
    You can’t deny that’s hot!!
    Milky white skin is the hottest and appears sooo smooth…..

  • BobDole

    Hurley all the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tapper

    1. Alba – bet set of pictures
    2. Montag – last picture when she’s climbing out of the pool
    3. Biel – first picture. Might be the winner on a single shot
    4. Hurley – a really fine cougar ass

  • Phatsacks78

    3.that tennis Playing broad!!

  • Some Guy

    Hmm. I’ll say:

    1. Jessica Biel
    2. Leighton Meester
    3. Liz Hurley
    4. Fergie
    5. Jessica Alba

    Going through this gallery reminded me of how great doggy-style sex is.

  • Boz

    Mrs. Warren Cash FTW.

  • Danny44

    She is a certified CUNT but Jessica Alba all the way.

    I know Jennifer Love Hewitt has the worst….

  • Rhonda

    1. Kate Hudson
    2. Leighton Meester
    3. Fergie
    4. Liz Hurley
    5. Jessica Biel

    Honorable Mention: Mena Suvari has the best bikini ass by far, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any bent over pics.

  • DAVE

    1)Heidi Montag
    2)Liz Hurley
    3)Annalynne Mccord
    4)Jessica Biel
    5)Jessica Alba

  • senoritabonita

    oops i forgot kate hudson! hot ass white girl booty…she can replace anna k.

  • AlinaMaria

    When i scroll over the ‘love this comment’ thing a number comes up. Tapper’s is 291. What does this mean?

  • Caitie Harmful

    it’s your user number.

  • ClemsonDevil

    1) Jessica Biel
    2) Jessica Alba
    3) Leighton Meester
    4) Anna Kournikova
    5) Liz Hurley

  • sweetassugar

    jessica biel

  • taylor

    j alba FTW!!!

  • Andro

    1 – Jessica Alba
    2 – Anna Kournikova
    3 – Liz Hurley
    4 – Leighton Meester
    5 – Annalynne McCord

  • AlinaMaria

    ah ok

  • Stone Cold

    Don’t know why we even do these, we never get the results….. Still haven’t seen the 2008 Sexiest Woman of the Year….

  • moron_

    Bent over
    1. Alba
    2. Kournikova
    3. Biel

  • thedude123

    1. ALBA
    2. Biel
    3. Kournikova

    No Doubt!

  • Riane

    1) Heidi Montag (woow)
    2) Fergie
    3) Biel

  • Golden_Boy

    1. Alba
    2. Biel
    3. Hurley

  • Bobby Butters

    1. Heidi Montag
    2. Fergie
    3. Jennifer Aniston
    4. Kate Hudson
    5. Alba

  • Bpp

    What happend to the best MILF? was there a winner for that???

  • RichPlayer

    1. Jessica Alba
    2. Jessica Biel
    3. Vanessa Hudgens
    4. Jennifer Aniston

    Honorable Mention: AnnaLynne McCord, Kournikova, Hudson

  • Craig

    Vennesa H
    Nicole S

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Kristen Bell, page 15 is nice also
    She certainly rang my bell there

  • Stone Cold

    Yeah…. that one too. Not much need to go through the motions if there’s not gonna be an out come…..

    And thats the bottom line…..

  • Switch

    yea this should have been a poll instead

  • Sir Thomas

    Dead on. Probably Scherzinger in 4th, but there were a few contenders who got shorted by some crap picture selection.

  • ialoneamright

    Good call. I was just telling my co-worker about the timeless wonder of Suvari ass and he didn’t want to believe. Whoever compiled these photos really dropped the ball.