Audrina Patridge @ Red Bull Toasted Honoring Travis Pastrana

These were snapped a couple nights back in Hollywood.

For those of you looking to get inside Audrina’s panties, you’ll have to wait a couple weeks b/c she’s back to banging Corey Bohan. The couple were spotted in the VIP section at the Avalon in Hollywood acting like high school lovers with Corey probably fingering Audrina under the table (yes, I understand that’s a gross image to portray so early in the morning, but like I said, “high school lovers”).

Audrina who first attempted to keep the relationship on the down-low (just so she could seem somewhat relevant) later confirmed to E! News that she was indeed back to banging Mr. Bohan. From the looks of their on-off relationship, I feel like THIS TIME they’ll end up at least getting engaged. I just hope Audrina takes some faulty birth control pills & then ends up getting knocked up.