Julia Roberts Holidays With Hairy Armpits…Again!

Hairy does it! Actress Roberts with her husband AGAIN fails to shave the pitties!

Hollywood actress JULIA ROBERTS has gone on yet another beach holiday in Hawaii with her infamous ‘hairy armpit’ look! The ‘Pretty Woman’ star, 42, has had a history of hairy-pit moments and it doesn’t look as if she’s taken the hint and pulled out the razor either!

She did the same thing during the 1999 premier of ‘Notting Hill’ – but her underarms were probably more reminiscent of Shephards’ Bush!

As reported in The Mirror, here’s some interesting facts on the history of women and armpit shaving!

*£300 Million a year is spent on the UK alone to ensure smooth underarms for females!

*1 in 100 women refuse to shave their armpits in the UK! (I’m not making these up…)

*Researcher Merran Toerien says: “It became a big deal in the 1920s because of the change in dress fashions.

“It was largely pushed by advertising suggesting that women could be fashion­able only if they had hair-free armpits.

“Of course that also tapped into women’s insecurities and a whole new industry was born.”

Damnit, Jules! What a fuzzy-pickle to put yourself in! Just shave them for God’s sake!

Images from Julia’s “Bad Hair Day” in the Notting Hill-Premier UK, 1999…next page!

  • Masha the crusher

    obviously theres a reason she doesnt shave….

  • Boz

    cause she’s lazy?

  • Leni

    I hate body hair with a passion, on both, men and women. I don’t care if ppl make fun at men who shave chest and pubes, NOTHING worse than having hair in your mouth when making out or during oral sex, fucking disgusting. Anyway, Julia is a fucking pig, SHAVE woman, shave.

  • skilligan

    ill, awful, terrible, how can any woman tolerate that

  • dinodan

    Leni – I agree. As a dude I can not deal with a hairy woman. Even hairy arms are a turn off.

  • Stone Cold

    I shave everything. It is the way its supposed to be. If your a hairy female, you lose…..

    And thats the bottom line…..

  • Leni

    Thanks! Yes, hairy arms are a turn off, I mean on a man I don’t mind, but a woman should not have a bush on her arms. Especially if she wears dresses, it just doesn’t agree.
    BTW. I’m shocked you are a man, for some reason I always thought you are a girl :O

  • the_real_hunter

    Amen! There is no reason humans need hair below the neck anymore. Get rid of that shit!

  • Bolt Uprite

    It’s there for a reason. Shaving is a choice.

  • Philr Crackin

    This can be Really KINKY – but Julia looks like she’s Deranged

  • pills

    whenever i see her the first word that comes to mind is sloppy. now disgusting can be added also.

  • Very hot… more girls should do this…

  • JMBInuYasha

    It’s fine. Women have hair there just like boys do. I don’t get the point in trying to make people, especially women, feel uncomfortable with their bodies. Hair is BEAUTIFUL! And as soon as its gone and won’t come back, we’re gonna miss it.

  • JMBInuYasha

    Only groups of people that shouldn’t have body hair is: Babies cuz they haven’t gotten it yet, and Old Folks cuz they losin it

  • Maddo

    It was twenty years ago today…

  • lols..!! Everything becomes a news for famous people. Holidays are just to enjoy the weather and the free time you have. I don’t think this should be made an issue. It is her personal choice. Let them enjoy some free time of their life freely.