Red Carpet Ladies @ “Our Idiot Brother” Premiere

Photo Credit: Wenn

Our Idiot Brother is the upcoming film starring Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, and Paul Rudd as the idiot brother. It premierred at Sundance earlier this year and hits theaters on August 26th. For more information, visit the Our Idiot Brother official website.

Ned (Rudd) is a well-meaning idealist who has just been released from prison for dealing marijuana. In succession, he disrupts the lives and homes of his three sisters: career-driven Miranda (Banks), who is about to get her big break in journalism; bisexual hipster Natalie (Deschanel), whose lies are preventing her from moving forward with her responsible girlfriend Cindy (Rashida Jones); and Liz (Mortimer), who is too concerned with being the perfect mother to notice that her marriage is falling apart. [Wiki]