“Glee” Set: Dianna Agron & Lea Michele Bring The Afternoon Links!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Snapped yesterday afternoon as Dianna Agron, along with co-stars Lea Michele & Cory Monteith was seen on the set of “Glee,” where they filmed scenes with special guest Lindsay Lohan.

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  • Boz

    RIP Lindsay Lohan’s career.

  • spangly

    Love this text concerning Jayde Nicole on Drunken Stepfather:

    “Jayde Nicole is the poor man’s SARA JEAN UNDERWOOD …..she’s some broken home Canadian with a single mother who probably had many boyfriends and the insight to tell her untalented daughter to get some fake tits and get in Playboy when she’s still young enough to have a shot….which is what she did….moving to LA only to be known for being in Playboy and maybe the last season of The Hills that was the last season of The Hills for a reason we call “no one watched the shit”…..leaving her on the mean streets trying to find her place as someone we’ve all seen naked and no longer care about…so she did the logical thing and flashed her panties….boring….possibly a step in the wrong direction since we’ve all seen her cunt…or can google to see her cunt ….but she’s doing the best her retard self can….

    On a side note, I have seen her in person and she’s not hot. True fucking story….”


  • spangly

    – Vintage Victoria’s Secret Catalog from 1979 [Yeeeah!]

    There is a difference between what fantasy women looked like back then and the ones offered today. Interesting.