Who The Hell Is This? Nicole Minetti Bikini Pics From Malibu

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Adding to our somewhat new series of posts featuring chicks that very few of you bastards will recognize, but won’t mind looking at. Nicole Minetti is case in point, but I gotta admit, from certain angles she’s giving a slightly butta vibe.

These were snapped earlier in the week as the showgirl-turned Italian politician was strutting her bikini bod in Malibu. Nicole reportedly asked for 1 million Euros to resign from her position in the regional assembly of Lombardy. Here’s more from the Italian Wiki:

Nicole Minetti (1986, Rimini) (26 years old) is a former profession::showgirl and profession::dental hygienist who became a profession::politician under Berlusconi.

Minetti’s mother is an English dance instructor and her father an Italian businessman{{#set:nationality=Anglo-Italian}}. Minetti worked for a while as a dancer on Colorado Cafe, a comedy-variety show on television. She then went on to train as a dental hygeinist.

In 2009 prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was attacked in Milan and required dental surgery where he met Minetti at San Raffaele Hospital. He invited her to become a politician and she was shortlisted for the upcoming elections leading to much criticism in the press. Berlusconi subsequently appointed her a regional councillor in Lombardy.

Shortly afterwards she introduced him to Ruby Rubacuori who was later to bring to light the so-called Caso Ruby scandal. During the investigation into the scandal it emerged Minetti owns 4 apartments in the Dimora Olgettina which are occupied by showgirls.

  • Anonymous

    looks like octomom’s slightly hotter sister

    • Moe

      I swear, when I first saw these pics, I thought I had seen the face before, but couldn’t put a name to it. Octomom is pretty damn close, so naturally, I kinda regret dishing out those OWs…

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  • lets kick off the new site with the fakest bitch we can find!

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    I love this girl’s body

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    Nice tits.

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    The new site is … um… different.

  • Nice booty