Ryan Phillippe Took His Sugar Baby Paulina Slagter To Son’s Soccer Game

Ryan Phillippe cheers on his son Deacon whilst his girlfriend Paulina Slagter sits nearby and reads "The New Jim Crow"

We can only hope that Ryan Phillippe is having protected sex these days as he dates his latest sugar baby Paulina Slagter. The actor was seen with his girlfriend as he hit his son Deacon’s soccer game on Saturday, although we gotta assume she doesn’t really enjoy these father-son bonding sessions only because she spent most of the time reading the book ‘The New Jim Crow‘ underneath an umbrella shade while Ryan cheered on his son.

From a career standpoint, Ryan Phillipe’s next film set to hit theaters is “Straight A’s,” which also stars Anna Paquin and Luke Wilson. Here’s some plot action from IMDb: “Pressured by his deceased mother’s ghost to return home to the family he abandoned, a former addict grabs a bag of pills and a sack of marijuana and hits the road to Shreveport.” The film releases on December 4.

  • he keeps a hot piece but he has to be broke, lots of kids spread around lots of women

  • Not into short men with light hair and blue eyes but he’s an exception, I like him and his girl is pretty.

    • Nookies

      But but he’s an average height..imdb says he’s 5’9”

      • I don’t believe internet sources, they always add an inch or so, Ryan prob. is 5’8″ which is pretty short for a man. I mean I don’t really care, my husband is 5’8″ and his height never bothered me, but it would be nice to wear heels and not tower over my man.

  • LaLa

    This chick is beautiful. Well played Ryan.

  • bryanzee

    his other baby moma looked pretty fucking hot in Project X.

    what a pimp

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    Thought that could be his daughter.