Miranda Kerr Works Her Perfect Style While Catwalking Around NYC

Supermodel Miranda Kerr goes glamorous in a white sleeved dress and black belt, as she goes out and about in New York City

This, my friends, is the definition of flawless style.

The woman looks like a million bucks, regardless of whether she’s catwalking down the runway or some random sidewalk in NYC! These latest photos of Miranda Kerr were snapped earlier this afternoon as she was seen looking absolutely glamorous in a simple, yet stylish white dress & carried a light blue Prada handbag.

  • backwoodsman

    That’s showstopping stuff right there!

    I wonder how many people pause/stop dead in their tracks when she walks on by…

    I’d be one, for sure. Yummers.

  • silla

    Love love this look. both classy and sexy. want this outfit from top to toe

  • doesn’t get any better than this

  • LaLa


  • Hot. I love the ways she dresses, this outfit is perfect.

  • Miranda, please take my girl shopping for a day!! Moe, can you hook that up for me?

  • bryanzee

    must be….UN ZIPPED

  • Loser

    Fucking style goddess personified

    Orlando Bloom is a lucky bastard

  • spanglylovesheels

    “This, my friends, is the definition of flawless style.” You said it best Moe!

  • Lovely, sexy and classy woman…Kerrbloom!!…lucky bastard.

  • err

    Superb. That’s a show-stopper right there.

  • Maggzzz

    Classy yet sexy.