BAHAMAS: Suelyn Medeiros Bikini Body Is Definitely Built For Goodtimes!! OW!

Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros gets picked up in air and shows off her curves while kissing on beach with her boyfriend in the Bahamas. Suelyn looked a bit shocked as she was literally grabbed so hard on her bottom by her man as she smiled and straddled him with affection. The couple could not keep their hands off each other during their vacation in the Bahamas at the One & Only exclusive resort next to the Atlantis. Suelyn wore a very colorful bikini that was very fitting to her body shape.

After you check the photos, there’s very little you can say about this woman aside from the fact that any dude would kill for a test drive! God damn!

Brazil model Suelyn Medeiros was seen getting tossed around by her sugar daddy boyfriend while vacationing in the Bahamas. The bootiful bombshell was seen getting picked up by her big ‘ole booty by Mr. Lucky Bastard, but she merely smiled & straddled the guy in a show of freaky affection. For all you stalkers who’re currently in the Bahamas, look for these two at the One & Only exclusive resort located next to the famous Atlantis hotel. Note to all sugar daddies coming in for the swoop: Make sure you cruise up on shore in your luxury yacht b/c judging by the pics, it seems like Suelyn is really into her man. Considering she has dated the likes of 50 Cents & Chris Brown in the past, we’re pretty sure there’s a high entry fee for those of you bastards lookin’ for a taste…

  • there is nothing wrong with this at all

  • err

    In before bryanzee calls her fat.

  • McP


  • lenilovesfeet

    I don’t even look at her face, body is built for sex and the long, black hair is a bonus. Fantastic, sexy figure.

  • olesolskjaer

    They look like they are ready to shoot a porn movie.

  • I hate to be a party pooper but her ass and tits are fake.

  • That is definitely a body built for sex. I hope she understands her role.

  • Ass Man

    Now this is a sexy body; stick-like supermodels got nothing on this

    • Ass Man

      Same with “curvy” chicks like Kim Lardassian. This is what curvy means: it is not a euphemism for fat

  • Oh man..sure doesn’t leave much to the imagination what this two do off camera…and in their bedroom..I bet their bedroom stinks..

  • Nookies

    Her sextape was boring as shit. It’s like she wanted to be famous by leaking a sextape but didn’t want to go as far as showing her pussy. She knows her place though, on all 4’s getting a good pounding.

  • xoo

    She seems so desperate for attention. That is not sexy at all.

  • Meh nothing special here.

  • MoeJackson