NYC: Miranda Kerr Takes Flynn Along With Her For A Shoot

Miranda Kerr and son Flynn in New York city. The little dude accompanied his mom at a shoot in the Meatpacking District.

Once again, excuse the multiple Miranda Kerr posts, but the Victoria’s Secret model was spotted hitting up a photo shoot in NYC’s Meatpacking District with her little pimp daddy by her side. Last night she was rocking leather short-shorts, so it’s nice to see opted for warmth by going w/ leather leggings to help fight the morning cold. I’m pretty sure Miranda’s days in NYC are numbered only because she normally spends her US winters basking in the beautiful summers of Sydney. I have a feeling she’s waiting to attend “The Hobbit” NYC premiere with her hubby Orlando Bloom & then will disappear for a month while she enjoys the holidays in Australia.

On a side note: When will Miranda make her appearance on a “Sesame Street” video w/ Flynn? If Matt Lauer can appear on “Elmo’s World” w/ his daughter, then why can’t Miranda Kerr, damn it? Needless to say, I’m pretty sure that DVD will sell like hotcakes.