Kristen Stewart: V Magazine, January 2012; What’s Next For K-Stew?

Kristen Stewart: V Magazine Cover & Photo Shoot, January 2012

With all her “Twilight” success behind her, Kristen Stewart has obviously earned a lot of cash & afforded herself the luxury to take it easy when choosing future projects. Judging by her taste in shitty projects, don’t expect her to win an Oscar anytime soon. According to Forbes, she was the highest paid actress in 2012 with a total stash of $34.5 million. She earned most of the total in the final two installments of “Twilight” w/ $12.5 million each, so it’s nice to see those bastard suits finally coughed up some dough.

As of right now Kristen’s IMDb page is still showing “Snow White and the Huntsman 2” as an upcoming project, but last we heard she was off the sequel. When you account for how badly she acted in the film, I don’t think it’ll be too difficult finding a capable actress for the sequel. I watched it theaters (for Charlize Theron) and was shocked at how Kristen basically transplanted her monotone character from the “Twilight” series into “Snow White” and nobody behind the cameras gave a shit. I guess when you’re fucking the director & God knows who else, they won’t complain about your shitty acting skills. Maybe that’s how J. Alba landed all role after role?!? Hmmmmmm.

I have a feeling Kristen will take it easy and for her sake, maybe consider enrolling in a few acting courses b/c she really has to find a way to rediscover herself in a non-“Twilight” setting. During her brief hiatus from acting, let’s also hope she reassesses her entire process behind choosing future projects.