Vanessa Hudgens & Her Boy-Toy Hit AllSaints In Bevelry Hills; BOTH Go Down Curb Right Foot First!

Actress Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler seen hold hands while leaving the All Saints store in Beverly Hills

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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We don’t see celeb lovers going down curbs in unison all that often on planet Celebrity Curb Watch, so this definitely qualifies as one of those special moments that nobody gives a shit about until we point it out.

Vanessa Hudgens & her metrosexual boyfriend Austin Butler were seen holding hands as they left the AllSaints store in Beverly Hills. The store is currently having its seasonal 50% sale, but if you wait a couple more weeks, the sale will be bumped up to 75%. If you’re not in L.A., NYC or London, hit up to drop some of your hard-earned cash.

ALSO, just in case you bastards missed it, our year in review posts covered the 2012’s very best in celebrities going up & down curbs, so check those photos here.

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