More Fashionable Attendees @ 2013 Grammy Awards

Red Carpet Attendees @ 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Red Carpet Attendees @ 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Pictured: Top Row – Janelle Monae, Giuliana Rancic, Kaya Jones, Alexa Chung, Ali Tamposi & Kimbra; Bottom – Florence Welch, Solange, Morgan Kibby of ‘M83’, Tamala Jones, Kat Von D & Deadmau5, & Malik Yusef Jones & his Sugar Baby

Here’s another collection of our favorites last night’s Grammy Awards red carpet.

Highlights are Solange’s giant fro, which is probably hated by people sitting directly behind her at the awards show. She was sitting in the front row alongside her sis Beyonce & Jay-Z. She definitely needs to work on getting a different hairdo b/c she’s been rocking that thing for a while now.

I swear, we’ve posted Malik Yusef Jones’s sugar baby before. Anybody want to help I.D. her?

Janelle Monae is just a bright red handkerchief away from looking like a really cute bullfighter.

Kaya Jones (the blonde): Gotta find a few more pics of her.

Florence Welch: I’m glad somebody on the red carpet is still having fun! I’m really diggin’ the dress, but the spikes needed to be a different color so they stood out a lil’ more.