Top 5 Red Carpet Stunners at 2014 Grammy Awards

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards

I’ll be very honest, initially I could only scrape together a top three list (Ciara, Kaya & Chrissy), but we squeezed in Miranda & Taylor just to round out the top five.

I know we say this every year, but I feel like stars have lost touch with the true essence of walking the red carpet at the Grammys. This is one of those unique events that’s supposed to give celebs an opportunity to live on the wild side and take crazy risks without having to worry about what people will think the next morning. Judging by what we saw on the red carpet last night, as well as what we’ve seen in recent years, celebs are overly cautious, especially in recent years when we entered into the hyper-critical world of social media. What’s everyone’s take on this? Do celebs need to loosen up a bit when walking the red carpet at the Grammy Awards?


Ciara: Just like she did before her pregnancy, 28-year-old beauty looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet. Olivia Wilde is a beautiful pregnant celeb–on & off the red carpet–but Ciara is in a league of her own! If we had to choose a best dressed woman from the Grammy Awards—pregnant or not—Ciara would be that woman! Major props to Emilio Pucci for the dress.

Kaya Jones: What a refreshingly sexy surprise! Kaya kept things simple with her outfit, but this is the type of dress that more celebs need to rock when hitting the red carpet at the Grammys! It’s got a delicious mix of sexy & edgy, which should be the central theme of all dresses for an event like the Grammy Awards.

Chrissy Teigen: Consistency is definitely the name of the game and John Legend’s sexy wifie Chrissy Teigen knows what’s up! The woman looked amazing at Clive Davis’ annual Pre-Grammy Gala last night & she looked equally amazing last night at the Grammys (thanks to designer Johanna Johnson)! Can’t say the same for Paula Patton, unfortunately.

Miranda Lambert: Nothing against Miranda, but I always think she’s 5-10 years older than her actual age (she’s 30). Miranda rocked a dangerously sexy red dress designed by Pamella Roland. Needless to say, Blake Shelton is a lucky man.

Taylor Swift: While she did it intentionally, we were sad to see that Taylor hid away her only redeeming feature behind that Gucci Première dress. I guess she doesn’t want to over-expose those legs or else people will really get tired of her.