What Happened Inside Oscar Pistorius’ Home That Night? Why Would He Do It?

Oscar Pistorius & Reeva Steenkamp

Details are slowly leaking & it’s not looking good for the South African national hero. Short of finding video footage placing him somewhere else on that murderous Valentine’s Day night, I feel like Oscar Pistorius is shit out of luck. The only thing he has going for him at the moment is the fact that he’s a famous white man living in a country with an apartheid past. I understand this sounds sick & sadistic, but I’m sure one of his defense strategies might be to pin it on some financially desperate black dude who’ll suffer in prison in exchange for his family secretly getting a fat payday.

The thing that throws everyone off is why would a dude who has so much going for him suddenly lose it & go apeshit on his girlfriend of just a few months? What happened to simply breaking up & bagging another hottie? I saw reports of him having some anger issues on the field after losing to another double amputee from Brazil, but getting angry at some dude who just beat you on the track is far from bashing your supermodel girlfriend’s head with a cricket bat after you shoot her up four times. Seriously, what the fuck?

Also, all the footage I’ve seen of the guy in court has been of somebody who’s completely demoralized & somewhat confused at how quickly shit hit the fan. Did he come back to his senses a few hours after the murderous rampage or does he really think people will take pity on him by giving him the benefit of the doubt? It’s all so damn confusing, so let’s hope some more evidence is leaked in the coming days that sheds light on everything. For a guy who’s apparently as paranoid as Oscar, you’d think he’d have video surveillance equipment installed inside his house, but that would make things too easy, huh?

Piecing It All Together
The 29-year-old model sent multiple Tweets on February 13, two of which stand out (first was retweeted & second was sent directly by Reeva):

Reeva arrived at Pistorius’ house with an overnight bag and her iPad, so obviously she was expecting Valentine’s Day sex. Or who knows, it’s possible she was too tired for sex & Oscar got pissed off?

Obviously we don’t know the exact timeline of events, but the going theory at the moment is that Reeva locked herself inside a bathroom during a presumed argument (neighbors are claiming they heard noise that night from Oscar’s pad), only to get shot up four times through the door. Some believe it was after Oscar shot her that he proceeded to break down the bathroom door with a cricket bat that later became stained with Reeva’s blood that was all over the bathroom.

An official who shouldn’t have been talking to the press leaked that Reeva was still alive after she was shot and was subsequently carried downstairs by Pistorius, so that he could stage the scene to make it look like it wasn’t a murder, but rather self-defense from an unknown intruder. One question: Why does this official know that she was still alive when carried downstairs?! Hmmmmmmm.

Hollywood Already Wants A Piece
Since the story has obviously captivated millions around the globe, we aren’t surprised that there’s already buzz about an upcoming film, even though we don’t fully understand what transpired on that bloody night. Then again, isn’t there a dude who already wants to make a film about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, so a film about this story doesn’t surprise me at all. I just thought people would wait least until after Oscar Pistorius is found guilty in court, but I guess somebody just wants to call dibs on the project! Having said that, considering she was born & raised in S. Africa, I have a feeling Charlize Theron will take the role of Reeva Steenkamp, but who’s gonna play Oscar Pistorius? Any guesses?