Claudia Romani Looking Sexy Wearing The Bastardly Tanktop!

Claudia Romani Bastardly Tanktop

Photos of Claudia Romani taken by Monika Zdziebkowska of Miami Photo Life

Our favorite Italian glamour model Claudia Romani paid us the highest of compliments when she took time to doll herself up and take a few shots wearing a piece of true Bastardly history. Much love to Claudia for representing the original sexy Bastardly tanktop! Made especially for the beautiful Bastardly ladies, we’re having a little bit of a renaissance with our Bastardly roots and Claudia is one at the forefront. We’re calling out our Bastardly ladies to come out of the woodwork to show some Bastardly pride …and one more thing, Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? Let bring it back!!