DAYUM! Miley Cyrus Makes A Leggy Appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’!!

Miley Cyrus Making An Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Wow, how times have changed since Miley’s innocent ‘Hannah Montana’ days on the Disney Channel. Obviously sexual exploitation is the name of the game (OW!) and it was in full display as Miley Cyrus hit Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night in Hollywood to promote her latest single ‘We Can’t Stop’.

Aside from her barely-there short-shorts, Miley showed love to Tupac Shakur with a black T-shirt with the late singer’s face & name printed on it. Although before she hit the stage for her performance, she ditched the Tee & shorts for a slightly more revealing outfit. God damn, who the hell is dressing this chick?! Evil Kris Jenner?

Miley Cyrus Making A Leggy Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live! adds 1A


Here are clips from her ‘Kimmel’ appearance…

And, here’s Part 2…