NYC: Miley Cyrus Continues Making A Skanky-Ho Promo Splash

Miley Cyrus Visits "Good Morning America"

And I’m sure her creepy fan base consisting mainly of dudes who consume all her music videos (on mute) and scantily-clad photos are enjoying the show, but it’ll be interesting to see how Miley’s latest outings influences her millions of young female followers. Get ready for chicks in their mid-to-late-teens to start walking around looking like underage prostitutes—not like a lot of chicks that age don’t already do that, of course.

For her appearance on the ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’, Miley wore an ‘I Love NYC’ sequenced top coupled with high wasted furry panties & thigh-high F-Me boots. Soon after the performance, Miley was seen rocking a midriff-revealing sports bra top along with baggy hammer pants & gold sandals as she arrived back the luxurious Greenwich Hotel in Lower Manhattan.

For those of you who missed Miley’s appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ last night, check our earlier post. Here’s a clip of her ‘GMA’ performance earlier this morning in NYC: