Celebrity Baby Bump Matchup: Whose Belly Would You Want To Pop Out Of?

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Grab Coffee In Studio CityPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pacific Coast News; Chrissy Teigen, Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher; Anne Hathaway

I’ll admit, this is probably one of our most unusual matchups, but like I’ve repeatedly stated, desperate times call for desperate measures. The poll isn’t about who’s the sexiest pregnant celeb or the best looking baby bump, but rather about whose belly you’d want to pop of if the opportunity presented itself. desperate

All photos were snapped over the past few days.

  • Dinodan

    Paige all the way. She would win with or without a baby bump.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Chrissy looks cute. Page still looks hot, her poor, swollen legs though.

  • Drew_Monetz

    I’d rather be Chrissy and John’s kid. Chrissy would probably be a fun mom and John is a talented singer. Eddie wouldn’t even know my name and Paige just seems so boring. Plus they’d be slipping hot coffee all over me.

  • McP

    Kind of a weird poll, I chose Hathaway because I figure she’d be the best mom.

  • curvefan


  • johnconnor777

    Moe is catering to new tastes and demographics with this post

  • Mack Power

    Agreed with Chrissy. PLUS when she thins out she will a super MILF!!!

  • Drew_Monetz

    Plus, if breastfeeding is on the table, Chrissy has the best boobs.

  • IamLegend_2000

    Once again I’m looking for the “none of these” button.

  • MoeJackson

    IamLegend_2000 Maybe I’ll include a none of these option in honor of you.

  • MoeJackson

    johnconnor777 I’m a little flattered that you think we actually pay attention to tastes & demographics! haha