The First “I Hate Jennifer Aniston” Post

MikeRT, one of our fellow Bastardly Socialites was the first to comment on how much he hates Jennifer Aniston.

I love the way you think, Mike.

Jennifer Aniston. I laugh at her bottom each day.

It brings joy to the world, and little children everywhere – even the blind ones, make loud guffawing noises as they see her walk by on the street.

She knows it’s hilarious. We know it’s hilarious. Even her lovers have probably laughed as they’ve ploughed her from behind.

It’s not that we like to make fun of Jennifer Maniston. It’s the fact that she’s making fun of herself. By just being her.

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  • truthmaster

    Jennnifer Manniston is an old woman now, not only does she look old but she admits it too. She has aged considerably, I think she is jealous of women who are 6 years younger than her because they are younger and prettier than that old prune.