Kim Kardashian Playboy Photos, December 2007

There are photos of Kim Kardashian from this set that show-off a right boob and a little bit of crotch but typically I have a no nudity policy since I’m sure the advertisers wouldn’t be too happy if we were looked upon as a porn site…. of course, with the exception of Vanessa Hudgens naked. Anyways, like when Stacey Dash posed for Playboy, here’s a fairly PG-13 bunch… you’ll notice after some Photoshop work done from Kim’s Playboy photoshoot we’d already seen. However, if you want to see the few that I wouldn’t post here then click here to download.

Read Kim’s superstar interview at

  • Sara

    I’m a white girl, and I’m not jealous of Kim Kardashian. I think Kim Kardashian has a beautiful (albeit photoshopped in these pictures) figure. She has a beautiful exotic face, but wears far too much makeup.
    She’s probably naturally very hairy.

    However, she’s basically a talentless whore. Not so much for being in a sex tape, but in her desperation to be famous for absolutely nothing. It’s sad, really. From retarded publicity stunts to starring in a ridiculous “reality show,” she’s just trying to extend her 15 minutes to 16. Star in a movie, stop being famous for nothing, and show the world your true talents. Oh wait, she already did in that sex tape. God Bless America for glorifying vapid cunts with no talent.

  • Lexy

    I’ll start off by saying I am 17 years old and I think it is very sad that you OLDER people posting negitave comments have nothing better to do than trash talk a very gorgeous and independent woman. Everyone has there opinons but you have no right to say that mean and hateful things that you are. Who are you to judge the life that Kim lives anyway? She isn’t perfect, and I’m sure she doesn’t live to be. So before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.

    It’s sad and pathetic that I am only 17, still a minor. But am more mature than most of you posting comments. Grow up, and get a life!

    Kim is very pretty to me and she has the right to do whatever she wants in her life, key word; HER LIFE, not yours! Most of you say you hate her?

    Well here is a news flash. Hate is to jealousy and jealousy is to WEAKNESS.

    thanks 🙂


    Yo you guys need to grow a dick and realize that this girl is sexy as hell. You all are such pussy’s. Master171 and AJ are bitch niggas. Now i know bigperm is a real nigga. But thats what separates us. The real niggas are fuckin the bitch niggas girls. And seriously all you raggity ass bitches like bed wetting bianca need to shut up. Your not fly, or rich like her. This girl is bangin keep it up girl.

  • Colleen

    she’s not fat at all- just waaaay curvy. Todays standards are crazy! I bet everyone that has posted here doesn’t have the perfect body either! I mean, I’m not a fan of hers by any means, but I certainly don’t think people have a right to call her fat -then people ridicule actresses when they become anorexic! Think of the messages your sending out!

  • Ray

    I am a woman and I think that these pictures look really good. I guess you guys all like women that look like they need a sandwich. And in case you guys have lived under a rock for the past 30 years, ALL OF THE WOMEN IN PLAYBOY AND ALL OTHER MENS MAGS ARE PHOTOSHOPPED! You guys are retards! Kim Kardashian looks good in these pictures. She might not have to prettiest face but she definately has a good body. She looks like a normal woman that any of you guys on here would fuck if given the chance. So Shut the fuck up you dick tuggin pussies!

  • Mr4Play

    Kim is beautiful. All you people with bad comments your all just jelous. Keep doing your thing Kim I love to watch you your BEAUTIFUL.

  • abzz

    like seriously how the hell is this girl fat… her body is amazing atleast she is not starving herself like most girls i think its good its giving those girls that are a little big bigger some inspiration….

  • Amit

    Im bashing my knob write now over these pics, she is soooooo hot!!!! I would drill that to the wall any day!!

  • h24

    You people are fucking losers, seriously you guys and girls must have no lives who the hell cares about one person so much? I just had to post this, All u girls are def. Just jealous that she’s famous and bet u half the girls on this are fatter than her she was photoshopped but she isn’t even that big anyways, at least she isn’t an anorexic model, and the guys on this are def. Straight gay, if you wouldn’t want something like that then you got a big problem, I’m sure most of you have been wit uglier girls and fantasized about some1 uglier, jump off her tits already, cause I bet u if anyone would see her on the streets you’ll b one of the first to jump at her….

  • Kim

    she looks like me

  • kay

    And she is not fat at all!!! She is fine and got mad body and curves like black and latina women. That’s one thing that black and latina women embrace….there bodies. We don’t wish to be a size 2 or 4. The media has alot of persuasion on fashion and body images, but it CANNOT change the way black men/women, latina men/women feel about their awesome, veloptuous, banging bodies!!! Our clothes don’t fall off of us or barely touch us. We fill them out to a T!

  • kay

    It sounds to me like most of you men here are mad because she is smoking hot and loves BLACK MEN!! Black men have that swagger and that big you know what. Once you get use to that it’s hard to divert back to little 4 inch dingalings. Did you see that sex video of her and RAY J!?! That baby is HUNNNGGG like a horse!! I’ve been with 2 white men and I can honestly say they had some little inch worms down there. I love all nationalities of people, but don’t hate because the girl has got it going on and she prefers the brothers. She’s doing the same thing alot of the white women are do and nothing gets said—why, because they’re white women doing it.

  • Sexy Chick

    All of you women who are bashing Kim are just jealous. And you white men who are being negative, you know you would hit that ass anytime so be quiet.
    I am a beautiful black woman with a body just like Kim’s except I am much more slender and I am 5’9″; I get asked out by white men all the time. And you know what I don’t mind dating white men, black men or men from other races. Judge people by their attitudes and behaviors and not by their color. There’s no room in this world for racist ignorant assholes. Plase go away and stay there.

  • paolo

    I would have sex with her.

  • Ashley

    WHY ARE ALL OF YOU LOSERS JEALOUS?? Talking your stuff about her like that. You could only wish you looked like that or had a girlfriend like that YOU JEALOUS LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Petals

    All you women who are calling her fat must have terrible body images of yourselves. Or you’re all pencil thin and cranky cause you’re hungry.

    You men who call her fat AND ugly…Well, I’d love to get a peeky poo at the women you lay down with every night. Ravishing beauties all of them, I’m sure. You’ll have to post where we can gaze at their million dollar, high profile, photo shoots.

    OK…so she’s famous for…..for….hmmmm, what exactly is she famous for?

    Oh yeah…WHO CARES?? Obviously she doesn’t have to DO anything that MEANS anything to get attention that draws her big pay days.

    I saw the show. Was curious about these photos to see how they ultimately came out, so I Googled and found all you people. Wow. Now that’s what I call entertainment.

    Come on now everybody….step away from the computer….look out that thing with the sunlight streaming through it…Yes that’s right…the window….You remember what that is right? Just beyond that window is the real world. Go forth….don’t be scared…and get a real life.


  • dee

    all u ppl r fuckin haters…she is sooo gorgeous and she has the perfect body…i luv her !

  • dee

    shes fuckin hot and has the killer body n everythin to go along with it..u ppl callin her fat need ur eyes checked ..ur all jus jealous!
    shes got curves in all the right places..reggie is lucky and u wud be 2 if u were hookin up with her !

  • enjoythemode

    Regardless of what you idiots think, she is gorgeous, with or with the make up or photoshop. You wish your lady was as hot as her. Finally, a real woman with real curves!!!

    For all you haters… it’s all good, we’re gonna let you do your job and it’s to fuckin’ hate! And obviously she’s doing something right if you’re hating on her.

    She’s got the whole package!

    Petals, I love you! LOL!!!

  • enjoythemode

    JENX, you’re a dumbass cunt muscle. If you were a dog I’d kick you in the face. And if you weren’t hiding behind your screen I’d slap you in public you smelly pirate hooker!!!

    Seriously get a life! Don’t hate on her cause for once a girl that isn’t white is in the spot light. And I’m pretty sure she works out too, how else would she look like that? Just cause you’re obsessed with being thin, pale and looking like a crackwhore. Bitch please, that look is so 90’s. Not everyone wants to be white and thin.

    In the end, you wish you had natural beautiful tan skin with exotic eyes and curvy body. I’m a make up artist, all them white bitches want to look as gorgeous as us. LMAO @ you fake ass barbies!!!!

  • jennyla

    Well i don’t think the pictures are ugly, but she’s too chunky to have the “playboy” look.

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  • Carolineplaza