Katy Perry Smoking Fashion Crack @ Brit Awards 2009

Did she buy some of Michael Jackson’s wardrobe auction going down right now? Please don’t tell me she’s paying someone to make her look like this…

  • Goliano

    There is none. She’s just being childish. lol

  • Goliano

    My nieces wearing Hello Kitty attire = Cool

    A grown ass woman wearing it = Sad

  • nysro

    I will be so glad when this worthless twats 15 mins are up… she isnt clever, talented, funny, or all that good looking…

  • djjfjks

    SHE ROCKS!!! fuck yall

  • Rob1

    The facination with her is that most people consider her to be a very good or great singer. Try listening to more of her songs, they are very catchy and her voice is decent.

  • brittany

    oh & nysro many people try to accomplish what she has, that makes her a little better than you think. Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean she isn’t talented. Watch something else dumbass

  • brittany

    It’s effin Hello Kitty bitches, that’s awesome. & considering as how her tour is Hello Katy it kind of makes sense, no worse than anything anybody else as ever worn. Trust me I can find quite a few pictures of ridiculous outfits worn by people more well known then her. She’s awesome & so is her effin outfit, grow a sense of humor douche bags.

  • lolz

    I want what you’re smoking.

  • Ina

    What a stupid outfit!

  • Racer X

    The BEST body in music today.

    /her songs are good too

  • Girlswannascrewme

    Lol no way. Lily Allen’s body is hotter and her body isn’t even all that.

  • tide6018

    I keep thinking it would make sense in a different light, maybe. But no, I’m sadly mistaken…

  • JTchicago

    Jackson would bounce that even with the jingle jangly crap she got from a 7-Eleven on the corner.

  • Tha Pancake Kid 22

    what is the fascination with this woman? her music is shite and her face is no better looking then my heel. those shoes are sexy though, can’t deny her that

  • Holly

    First of all, I hate this woman, but you are all a bunch of hypocrites. You’re all complaining about her pants yet when you see them on Annalynne suddenly it’s the sexiest things ever. These pants have come up a countless number of times to no dismay on this website and suddenly they’re disgusting. Another thing, saying a mid-20’s woman she can’t wear Hello Kitty is like telling every known person over the age of 20 that they can’t play video games. What kind of sad life are you living where you can’t act childish once in a while?

  • Bellezza Italiana

    I have tried to listen but its not my thing. She isn’t that great but I get tore up for being a Beyonce fan (& proud of it)so to each their own

  • Bellezza Italiana

    My husband plays some pretty explicit games. I don’t really see the comparison