Bastardly Lady of the Day: Elice

hey there! my name is Elice ( pronounced as E-Lease ), and I’m 22 years old and loving every minute of my life. I love your website because your captions are hilarious and you post a lot of Blake Lively whom I’m so in love with! LOL. She’s just so sexy but Megan Fox definitely takes my number one spot. Anyways, I would love to be Bastardly Lady of the day because I feel like I definitely have what it takes to be one `=) hopefully, you like my pics `=)

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  • barranr

    you need a professional photog, call me

  • Glimmer

    and i gave that… a dirty. 🙂

  • salma


  • Glimmer


  • salma

    what I mean is I don’t like say she is ugly but she is not my type

  • SILIS101

    Lucious hips
    What does your shoulder tat say?

  • McPerv

    I’m deducting a letter grade for the lack of an ass shot. 😉
    Well, maybe just an “Incomplete.”

    But very nice, beautiful girl, needs to smile more.

  • witz

    this seems fake to me. anyway, she needs to stop dying her hair blonde or at least tone it down. a cute girl, but she looks like every other cute asian girl.

  • Glimmer

    you’re a *true* pervert… 😉

  • Glimmer

    could it say something about a porch ??? 😉

    SILIS101 you *better* rock this comment !!!! 😉

  • johnconnor77

    Nice tatas… face so so

  • SILIS101

    i would have to say i’d take her to the back porch with a privacy fence…bam!

  • Glimmer

    elice, are you listening ???? 😉

  • Freep

    i’ll take credit for pointing out these are fake but someone else can prove it

  • Glimmer

    but for our intents they’re real regardless. *ha ha* 🙂

  • the kitten

    bleh..doesnt do anything for me. maybe you need to smile more of a sincere smile in pics, i dont know. i think you’d look a whole lot better with dark hair and a more natural face (read: your real hair color, and less makeup). a WHOLE lot better. hopefully you’re still just in a young experimental stage and will later realise you looked fine how you were in the first place. it took me a while too.

  • the_real_hunter


  • DocHellbilly

    Keep working on your ‘happy ending’ as it’s about all you’re gonna have going for you.

  • Evil Dan

    You dress like a whore.


  • hula

    hmm not ugly but not my type, and tries WAY too hard

    try the natural look once in a while

  • Stone Cold

    FAIL !!!!! Nothin here I wanna see !

    And thats the bottom line……

  • BryanZee

    this bitch is ugly.

    but at least its somewhat believable since you know….who would pretend to be her.

    im just being honest.

    I grenade block hotter women then her.

  • BryanZee

    same here.

    me n someone else caught the cliche answers that lied within.

  • Bowser

    You’re my type

  • skilligan

    overall she is pretty hot

  • lazydayz

    No. Trying way too hard and it’s not working. She’s also dressed like a hooker in most of the pics. Also this is fake.

  • McPerv

    [She’s also dressed like a hooker in most of the pics.]

    Since when is that a bad thing?

  • Phillip McCracken

    yeah… totally Meh. not interested in anyway.

  • barranr

    and i … thank you

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    Usually when the BLOTD take their shirts off and show their panties its interesting… but with this one… Meh like Phillip said

  • lazydayz

    Well, I prefer chicks with some semblance of decency. ‘specially since this is supposed to a “real” chick and not just some celeb whore to ogle at. Does she really go out in public dressed like that?

  • Phillip McCracken

    well at least it would be easy to spot the chick youd have to do the LEAST amount of effort to get to go home with you right?

  • lazydayz

    This is true, but it would be hard to tell whether or not she would be charging me after the night was over. She looks like she should be propositioning Matthew Modine in Da Nang.

  • Phillip McCracken

    LMFAO thats great…

    “yeah, that was 50 bucks, 25 extra cause u put it in my ass…”

    “HEY!!! that was a mistake!!! u have to take into account im drunK!”

  • I Am Right

    Exotic cutie. I like the pic where you are wearing glasses, but did you have to take your pic in a public bathroom?

  • The Devil

    She’s cute in a Northern California kind of way.


  • Boz

    she’s hot.

  • Altair

    she is hot, great boobs, near nip slip is awesome =)

  • Ari

    let your hair go natural…. natural hair color is always better.

  • xo

    I agree with Ari.. you have a really pretty face, dont wanna sound mean, but because of your ethnicity, the blonde makes you look a little cheap.. Id go back to your natural color.. maybe a few lowlights.. but get rid of all that blonde

  • MelodicDeathMetal

    believe it or not: bastardly boys want sexy WITH a chance of class. so… fail.

  • Phillip McCracken

    “bastardly boys want sexy WITH a chance of class.”

    A+ good comment