Miranda Kerr Pimps Reebok Easytone; Workouts @ Local Gym Just Became A Lil’ Harder

Seriously, are marketing execs @ Reebok trying to sell Easytone gear or attempting to pimp out Miranda Kerr to the highest bidder? I think it’s safe to conclude that if all girls start wearing panties to the local gym, it’s not only gonna cause an increase in divorces, but it’ll also make it literally impossible to get in a decent workout following work. I don’t mean to knock on Miranda b/c she’s inexplicably crazy-hot in these pics, but Reebok needs to consider hiring a more normal-looking chick to help pimp their new Easytone lineup b/c Miranda’s insane hotness level is a huge distraction from the main attraction (the kicks).

  • skilligan

    looks great in this outfit

  • Willy Wallace

    Nice, slender legs.

  • the kitten

    i think the makers of these shoes are trying to say ‘makes already skinny, in shape legs look even better!’

  • McPerv

    Pure buttah

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    Insane hot is the best description here.

  • mooty

    this post has been one of the more special ones for me…
    me- “Hey miranda what are ya up to?”
    Miranda- “just goin for a quick workout babe”
    (I see how she’s dressed)
    me- “holy shit not before fucking the shit out of me ya not”
    Miranda- “well maybe that could be my workout”
    me- “Excellent”

  • paulypaul

    Looks great, love her legs.

  • sweetndsour

    She’s GORGEOUS

  • Larry Sanders

    Holy fuckin shit she is perfect

  • Larry Sanders

    No doubt this is the sexiest anyone has looked in gym clothes.
    Her tits look so hot.

  • JonYo

    She just doesn’t do it for me. Her face is too… baby-ish or something.