BREAKING!! Minka Kelly Walks Through The Grass On Her Way To Acting Class!

Minka Kelly Goes to an Acting Class in Los Angeles on October 30, 2012

Good for her!! Assuming she does well in the class, let’s hope she can finally score a role in an upcoming blockbuster! Even though she’s 32, I feel like she’s aging gracefully enough to still enjoy a few more years of action in front of cameras. What’s everyone’s take?

  • Nookies

    lol acting class, considering her career is dead and Charlie’s Angels got cancelled a quarter of the way through she’s better off doing porn or dating another Jeter

    • Nookies

      Truth hurts huh you bunch of middle aged wankers

      • palli


  • always trying to improve, nothing wrong with that

  • palli

    she needs to go to school to learn to hide them cankles

  • spanglylovesheels

    Wearing flats with cankles is definitely a fashion “Don’t”!

  • Da phuck?

    “Cankles” or not, her face is mind-bogglingly beautiful and she’s got a great ass coupled with nice tits. I’d fucking rail her and that’s all that really matters

  • Moes uglier twin

    Fat cankles.