Oscars 2013: Kristen Stewart Was Painfully Awkward; How Did She Injure Her Legs?

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

As expected, the fact the Academy Awards is watched by countless millions, Kristen Stewart not only walked on stage with a limp, but also awkwardly limped her way through the presentation of the award for Best Production Design. Thankfully Daniel Radcliffe was on hand to add some normalcy & make the 30 seconds a little painful. Also, it’s very interesting that producers of the show chose a Brit male to present alongside a chick whom British men recently voted as the ‘Least Sexy Hollywood Actress’ following a crazy 2012.

As for her Kristen’s foot, she claims she recently injured it when she cut her foot after stepping on glass—probably during another crazy session of makeup sex with Robert Pattinson (curiously didn’t make it to the awards). Whatever happened, limping around in crutches is a great way to gain some love & sympathy from your peers.

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