Grossest New Couple Rumor: 64-Year-Old Steven Tyler & 19-Year-Old Francesca Eastwood

**EXCLUSIVE** NEW COUPLE ALERT? Steven Tyler aged 64, arrives to the Little Door restaurant with 19 year old Francesca Eastwood in Los Angeles

Judging by the look on his face in this photo, Steven Tyler has absolutely no clue what’s going on. I’m hoping this was just bad timing on his part b/c what would a 64-year-old rock star who can easily bag a really hot 20-something be doing with Clint Eastwood’s 19-year-old daughter, of all people?! Why not just bag another 19-year-old with far less baggage?

Francesca Eastwood, who’s accompanied by a friend, was seen arriving at the Little Door restaurant alongside Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler. We’ve included a few recent bikini pics of Francesca who was spotted working on adding a little color to her pasty bikini body on a beach in Los Angeles.
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