Candice Swanepoel: Hottest “Putting On Shorts at the Beach” Pics…EVER!

candice-swanepoel-putting on shorts-1

On Monday Devon posted pics of Doutzen Kroes taking her shorts off, so in that spirit we bring you Candice doing the exact opposite, but somehow she looks 10x sexier. This is definitely another one of those showcase posts in our Internet-exclusive Beautiful Women Performing Monotonous Tasks category.

These particular were snapped over the weekend when Candice Swanepoel & Doutzen Kroes decided to drive dudes in South Beach crazy by hitting the beach together (those photos here). Candice accompanied Doutzen & her son Phyllon at the beach while her hubby was busy working (he’s a DJ).

A couple days earlier, Candice was seen doing a shoot for Victoria’s Secret & we had to plug a couple of the pics that will ultimately end up in our year-end Best Jobs of 2013 post. Judge for yourself…