Chris Brown Goes On An Abusive Sugar Daddy Prowl in his Porsche 911 Turbo

Exclusive... Chris Brown Cruising With A Friend In Los Angeles

The seemingly always-troubled singer Chris Brown was spotted cruising around L.A. with a friend in his Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet. A couple days back, a Los Angeles District Attorney announced that he will be charged with a misdemeanor hit-and-run accident from last week. The bright spot about this latest announcement is that if convicted this dude might go to jail for up to a year. Very doubtful he’ll do anytime though.

Here’s more:

City attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan says the charges filed Tuesday involve a minor accident on May 21 in the San Fernando Valley.

If convicted, Brown would face up to one year in jail.

Arraignment is scheduled for July 15 at the Van Nuys courthouse, but an attorney can appear on Brown’s behalf.

Mateljan says the county district attorney’s office will be notified of the charges and it will be up to that office and the courts to determine if the case will have any effect on Brown’s felony probation in the 2009 beating of singer Rihanna. (Source: USA TODAY)