Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Sex Up The Dominican Republic

My bad about two Kim Kardashian posts within hours of each other (the other one), but I’m pretty sure certain members of the Bastardly Horndogg Community don’t mind seeing Kim’s huge ass booty in a zebra print bikini bottom.
I’m pretty sure Reggie Bush is hitting Kim’s ass as I type this, so let’s hope he’s taping the shit, as well. We know he has a camera on hand, so I’m pretty sure Camera Whore Kimmy will “accidently” upload those pics to some random messageboard. Oopsie!

And for all you wrestling fans…

Kim Kardashian (sex tape and E! reality show star) will be appearing at WrestleMania 24, as will Raven Symone (That’s So Raven). Source