Vida Guerra Took Her Booty to Blow Me Away Hair Salon

Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra was spotted taking her big ol’ booty to the Blow Me Away hair salon in L.A. The last time we saw Vida, she was competing in the IFBB LA Grand Prix Pro Bikini Competition in Culver City. Glad to see that she’s regained that curvy bootylicious thickness because really, the bodybuilding thing was not a good look for her.

  • MundoLopez1

    Haven’t seen this chick for a while…always have been my favorite ass girl..not too crazy about the face, but that bod is awesome..

  • MoeJackson

     Added a few recent bikini pics to the mix

  • skilligan

    she has an AMAZING ass, and not that she is doing those fitness competitions she is even better

  • bryanzee

    Jimmy Brown, this is your type huh LOOL

  • curvefan

    I think a man should have to show qualifications to ride that ass. Yum!!