Jessica Alba Was Bling-Blingin’ @ Golden Globe Awards 2013

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in LA

Love her or hate her, the woman always finds a way of looking absolutely stunning, regardless of whether she’s out grabbing groceries with her kids or on the red carpet.

Jessica Alba returns to the big screen later this fall w/ the latest film in the “Sin City” series titled “A Dame to Kill For,” which is only one of her three films in 2013. Having said that, you can bet your ass that Jessica will score at least two or three Razzie nominations for the 2014 award season.

  • xenia

    i think she looks okay here. dress is pretty,not a fan of orange lipstick and her smile looks kinda fake.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    For a big payday, Jessica always smiles. She looks really good on the red carpet. However, I thought her presenter skills sucked and she came off cunty as usual.

    • WeeItsNookies

      Spanglylovesheels TAKE IT BACK NOW

  • skilligan

    the dress isn’t special

  • curvefan

    Alba fits the basic definition of a whore. She only performs
    when she gets paid. Now I confess, my hat’s off to anyone rhat has the disposable
    income to afford to have her pretend to enjoy having sex.  She’s too “teenage boy body” for my taste.

  • I think she’s just in the public/private column.  She just doesn’t want to be working it when she’s not working. That said, she was smiling and working it for me, right nookies?