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Miranda Kerr: Hottest “Getting Out of Car” Pictures of 2013!!

Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr was spotted at the Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills doing a sexy photoshoot. Miranda worked her MILFilicious tight bod in a sleek red number and in the process gave us what has to be the hottest photos of a beautiful woman getting out of a car in 2013. The bar has been set for the year so let’s see if these hold up. Later on in the day Miranda dropped off a friend and made us jealous of her friend for getting a nice tight hug. We could use hug too, Miranda.

Miranda Kerr

Razzie Nominated Rihanna Brings The Weekend Links!

Razzie nominated Rihanna is seen leaving The Roxbury in Hollywood with dirt marks on her knees. Bad girl Riri had been nominated for worst supporting actress at this years Razzie Awards for her role in the movie Battleship. Rihanna could be seen wearing a chain which read Gran, relating to the recent passing of her Gran Gran Dolly.

For those of you missed the big news, Rihanna was nominated for Worst Supporting Actress Razzi for her role in the box-office nuclear bomb ‘Battleship’. Did anybody watch that shit?

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Report: Kanye Not Getting Along With Baby Mama’s Mama


“West and Jenner have been clashing because he thinks she’s always meddling in his relationship with Kim.”[HP]

She isn’t exactly his mother-in-law, but she sure is acting like it. According to media reports, Kanye West is doing his darndest to keep Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner as far away as possible from their new pad while Kimye awaits the birth of their meal ticket baby. He apparently wants some quality personal time with Kim. You know, like the personal time you spend filming your reality show so the world can know every intimate and fabricated detail about your life.

RadarOnline is reporting that, “West and Jenner might also be clashing over reports that their baby won’t appear on the Kardashians’ slew of reality shows for some time. Though an insider told The Hollywood Reporter that E! “will continue to cover all aspects of Kim’s life as it always has,” including her pregnancy and perhaps even the birth, Us Weekly claims Kim herself said “no” when asked if her unborn child would be on television.”

Who is right? Who is wrong? Are you Team Kanye or Team Kris? Tell us now!!!

Trailer Watch: Danny’ Boyle’s “Trance”

After the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire and the uniquely engrossing 127 Hours, Danny Boyle is back with what looks like an awesome new flick called Trance. Bringing together the formidable cast of James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, and Rosario Dawson, the movie is about an art auctioneer (McAvoy) who gets involved with an art thief (Cassel) and must use the powers of a hypnotherapist (Dawson) to track down a lost piece of art.

Trance releases in Britain on March 27 but no release date has been set yet for North America.

Xenia Deli: Will 2013 Be Her Sexy Breakout Year?

Xenia Deli

Xenia Deli is the Moldovan super hottie signed to Elite Model Agency that made her presence known on the horndogg radar last year and with the new year upon us it’s gotten us to think who’ll be getting a nice push this year; Xenia fits the bill. Last year we were introduced to both Nina Agdal and Barbara Palvin and who knows, maybe Xenia will be tabbed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (US Version) or scooped up by Victoria’s Secret. Xenia’s already beautified the cover the South Africa SI Swimsuit Issue so it’s only natural to speculate that she should be making her debut to the US version which would make her the lead for Rookie of the Year.

Xenia’s already done work for Beach Bunny Swimwear, Bare Necessities, and Frederick’s of Hollywood so sky’s the limit for this hottie. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yeah, she’s already stripped it all off for Lovecat Magazine. Check out our homage to Xenia in all her hotness!! Like her on Facebook!!

Xenia Deli Magazine Covers

Leo Asks: “Does the Academy Hate Me?!?”


“Is the Academy unfairly prejudiced against everyone’s favorite boyish environmentalist, or is it possible his fans may be a teensy bit unrealistic about the quality of his performances?”[HP]

Never mind the snubs the Academy handed Kathryn Bigelow and Ben Affleck. The big Oscar overlook of the year has to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s non-nomination for his performance in Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

While it would be wrong to say that he was universally praised for his performance (some said his performance was a bit hammy, a bit over-the-top . . . um, this is a Tarantino movie we’re talking about, folks. Remember Brad Pitt’s southern drawl in Inglorious Basterds??), many are left wondering why he didn’t get nominated. Is it simply that the Academy thinks he is more of a movie star than an actor, or is it that he really didn’t deserve a nomination in the first place?

Let us know what you think. And then weigh in on why Django got a Best Picture nod and Tarantino did not get nominated for Best Director.

Anne Hathaway – Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2013

Anne Hathaway @ 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards

Anne Hathaway won for Best Supporting Actress in “Les Miserables” last night at the 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards held in Santa Monica last night. With all the buzz behind, we’re pretty sure she’ll bag a Golden Globe this Sunday & then go on to win her first Oscar at the Academy Awards next month.

Anne has an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, but it won’t be a cakewalk like everybody thinks. Other actresses nominated in the category include Amy Adams (“The Master”), Sally Field (“Lincoln”), Helen Hunt (“The Sessions”), & Jacki Weaver (“Silver Linings Playbook”).

Here’s Anne discussing her character in “Les Miserables”:

In Another Country: Film Review

Visit the film’s official website!

Never mind what the critics are saying about Kathryn Bieglow’s pro-torture movie, Zero Dark Thirty. The best movie you are going to see this weekend (if you’re lucky enough to live near a theater that is actually playing it) is the winning and charming love story from South Koren director San-soo Hong, In Another Country.

Now let’s just be frank: outside of Korean soap operas and the occasional episode of Lost, there are no love stories in which Korean men play the romantic leads. There are legions of movies, television, and Broadway shows in which Korean women are held up as romantically desirable. Their male counterparts, however, have never been so lucky. For whatever reason, we in the West prefer our Korean men in math contests and IT help desks.

Well, the loss has been completely ours, and this is brilliantly highlighted in In Another Country. The story, told in three vignettes spread across its 90 minute running time, center on the isolation felt by the Frenchwoman at the heart of the tale. Isabelle Huppert plays Anne, who in different avatars ends up meeting the same male lifeguard (played marvelously by Yu Junsang) who converses with her in fits of very loud and very broken English. It’s hilarious because it’s so natural and so utterly exasperating.

In spite of all of this, the two characters cannot help but be drawn toward each other. The movie seems to say, with something less than certainty, that relationships are often more interpretation than execution, more following shadows than holding hands on the beach. And that’s what makes the movie as memorable as it is. The fact that it turns ethnic stereotypes on its head without expecting to be rewarded for it merely adds to its charm. An absolute treat for lovers of great cinema.

Trying to figure out the NFC divisional round


This side of the tournament was much more difficult to figure out. I could honestly see both games coming down to the final possession, whether it be a last second field goal or whatever, these games are going to be close. The Packers and 49ers played in the very first week of the season at Lambeau with the Niners dominating but both of these teams are clearly different squads. 49ers have a new starting QB and the Packers are led by a red-hot Aaron Rodgers. Down in Atlanta the momentum heavy Seahawks are looking to once again upset an opponent as the try and play spoiler to Atlanta’s party. Can Atlanta finally shed their playoff demons? There are lots of NFL fans around the country that believe Atlanta isn’t as good as it’s 13-3 record and don’t deserve the #1 seed. I can’t wait for these games to start.

Keys to each game: For the Packers, as usual, it’s going to be about how much Rodgers can carry the team on offense. Everyone knows that the Niners have an excellent defense so watch how Rodgers responds to pressure throughout the game. The Niners defense isn’t at full health so I want to see just how much pressure they actually get on Rodgers, anything to disrupt the Packers pass offense. How will Colin Kaepernick perform in the first playoff start of his career? Kaepernick’s mobility could be problem for the Packers but look for the Niners QB to find his favorite target, Crabtree, early and often. Also, both of these teams are facing issues with their kickers so watch out for that as well.

The Seahawks will have to use all of their momentum, especially on defense to stop the array of weapons that the Falcons can put on the field. Seattle is dealing with injuries at key positions on defense so it will have to be seen how much that affects the amount of pressure that is put on Matt Ryan. The biggest factor for the Falcons on offense will be how much seperation their elite receivers (Jones and White) can get against the Seahawks’ great corners. Things might get pretty intense on the sidelines with balls thrown deep. Both defenses are among the best in league in takeaways so a turnover is most likely going to result in a big play for the other team.

Prediction: I flipped back and forth between these two games, not knowing which teams to pick because I feel every single one of teams deserves to be in the NFC title game. Can Atlanta finally prove they can perform when it matters most? I’m taking Seattle and their momentum. Along with Wilson’s ability to win games from out of nowhere. Until I see Atlanta come through when it matters most, i’m hesitant to take them. Prove me wrong Falcons. As for the Packers-49ers game, everyone else’s guess is as good as mine. I think these teams are extremely close and either could take the victory. If I have to put my money on something, it’s going to be the better QB and that’s Rodgers. Packers win a very close game. Maybe we’re just destined to see a rematch of the “fail mary” to settle the score once and for all.

Enjoy the games everyone.

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