Christian Bale NOT Reprising Batman in “Justice League”

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Latino Review reported that Bale and Nolan could come back for the Warner Bros. blockbuster, an answer to Marvel’s The Avengers that will team Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern together to fight evildoers”.[HuffPo]

Yeesh, another superhero movie?? Apparently so, only this one will not have Christian Bale playing the Dark Knight to Clark Kent’s Superman in the wake of The Man of Steel.

Says Bale himself, “We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three [Batman films]. That’s enough. Let’s not get greedy. Chris [Nolan] always said he wanted to make it one film at a time. And we ended up sitting there looking at each other, saying ‘We’re about to make the third.’ We never really knew if we were going to get to be there, but if that was how it was going to be, this was where it should end as well.”

So, sorry fan boys and ladies in heat – you won’t be seeing Henry Cavill and Christian Bale sharing screen space as superheroes anytime soon.

Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale & Ben Affleck

Pictured: Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale & Ben Affleck

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I think casting another guy to play batman would be just fine. Probably cheaper too.

    • CliffordLKellySr

      Spanglylovesheels why have good superheros fighting each other thats what is stupid ,

      • bfg666

        I’m guessing you don’t know the comics, otherwise you’d know that Bats and Supes did fight each other before realizing they were on the same side.

  • Gleek

    What if they got Bale to play Green Lantern or The Martian Manhunter?

  • Godzillaf

    Good. He was a terrible Batman.

  • ErikColquitt

    With all due respect moe, JL isnt just ” Another SuperHero Film.
    JL IS the real Deal.
    Its just that Marvel got their shit together Faster than DC in respect to getting the Avengers off the ground.
    DC’s Animated JL Unlimited show was light years better than it deserved to be.

  • Freefinger

    Kind of a good thing that he’s gonna pass.  While I liked the first two movies, I just didn’t think the third had what it took to make it a great ending for the trilogy.  The whole Batman voice and the way he’s always so over angry and the way he portrayed Batman was … ok.. It was so “bleh” that the funniest youtube videos out there are the ones about Bale portraying him as always being angry over everything.. 
    I’m sure another actor could take over and do a great version. Just hope Nolan will be taken off the project as his movies are always filled with the biggest plot holes in the industry.

  • ErikColquitt

    Also, i never said that JL was better than Avengers.
    The comics from 1997 to 2007 did that better than i ever could.
    DC’s Kingdom Come and The Dark Knight returns as well as 2009’s Wonder woman Film and JL Unlimited should be required Reading/ viewing on how a JL movie featuring Darkseid and an Aqua man whos on the DC Universes threat watch ( instead of some clown who talks to Fish ) would make an Awesome film.

  • ErikColquitt

    Also, i never said that JL was better than Avengers.
    The comics from 1997 to 2007 did that better than i ever could.
    DC’s Kingdom Come and The Dark Knight returns as well as 2009’s Wonder woman Film and JL Unlimited should be required Reading/ viewing on how a JL movie featuring Darkseid and an Aqua man whos on the DC Universes threat watch ( instead of some clown who talks to Fish ) would make an Awesome film.

  • KellicTiger

    LOL.  And we all know that actors and directors NEVER change their mind if a big enough pile of money is thrown at them.  You get the right people involved in this and Bale will be all in.  And frankly if they make a JL movie without a buildup to the characters it won’t flop, but it won’t be an Avengers success.  Part of what made Marvel’s roadmap work was the buildup.  So unless you have 3 or 4 other movies prepping the way….no.  And if they do use the formula it will be years before a JL movie is ready.  More then enough time for Bale to change his mind.

  • KellicTiger

    Godzillaf The box office says otherwise.

  • Anom2062

    I kind of think it’s a good thing he’s not doing anymore batman movies but I just can’t really see anyone else that’s well known playing batman in future movies…the only one who comes to mind is maybe Karl Urban but just because of how he played Judge Dredd…any other ideas on actors who can play Batman??

    • Soldier

      Scott Adkins

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  • RyanJackson

    they know its a stupid idea! its gonna ruin the whole trilogy

  • ErikColquitt

    Also whether or not any Marvel fan wants to admit this, but DC/ WB are in a Far better position to pull this off than you think.
    The MCU is as of right now a Mess and ” Strewn ” all over the place.
    Sony owns Spiderman and hates Disney, so there goes any chance of Anyone in Spiderman 2 even mentioning or Aknowleging that ” hey i dont know, Didnt aliens tear this place up in 2012″.
    Fox owns DD and Xmen, so there goes any chance of connecting that universe.
    DC on the other hand have Batman, Superman , Flash and Wonderwoman in the same Universe under the WB/ Legendary or DC films Umbrella.
    So again WHY is this so hard?
    Ive heard it all, its too hard to do,
    The DC characters are too Fantastic and not rooted in reality like Marvel,???
    Lets see,
    A Norse God from Asgard joins forces with outer space Aliens to fight a WW2 soldier who sonehow didnt die of Hypothermia, a Man in an Iron Suit, a man who gets angry and turns into a Rampaging Monster and another God from Mythical Asgard.
    They all Fight and No One so much as Gets a Paper Cut?
    If you would have given that script to anyone in 2008 after the Dark Knight dropped you would have been Laughed right out of hollywood.
    My point is about JL and Avengers is its a CARTOON with live actors.
    None of it is real, therefor Anything is Possible.
    Marvel is doing Ant Man for gods sake.
    Ant Man???
    A JL movie, just like anything else not based in Reality is Do-Able.
    The only thing in Hollywood that isnt do-Able is a good Ashton Kutcher movie.
    I think even Marvel would have a hard time with that.

  • TreyWard

    This is probably the stupidest article I’ve ever read.

  • TreyWard

    ” Christian Bale’s Dark Knight won’t be playing with Clark Kent’s Superman”
    So dumb. So dumb.

    • JaiGuru

      TreyWard What’s dumb about it?

      • IanKoD

        JaiGuru TreyWard everything.

  • CherylBralick

    That is disappointing as I have enjoyed Christian Bale as batman. But I also dont go to the theater to watch movies as I dont want to contribute in the paying of astronomical pay these actors receive. So I tend to wait for it to come out on DVD and borrow it from whomever has bought it. Or if it is good enough, I will watch it on PPV. Otherwise I will miss it completely and I have managed to survive without seeing a lot of movies

    • Jimmy Rustles

      I’m sure your ten dollars really hurt their multi million dollar salaries.
      You’re almost as bad as a prius owner.

      • bfg666

        Thinking like that won’t get the world anywhere better, Jimmy. If everyone acted like Cheryl, the business sharks would think twice before shamelessly shearing our fleeces to the bone.
        On the other hand, Cheryl, unless you own a private cinema theater, you are clearly missing out. Movies are best viewed on a big screen rather than on your pint-sized TV. You should opt for some middle ground. Personally, I only go to the movies when there’s a film I really don’t want to miss. The rest I watch on DVD/BR or download them. If you want to fight the Big Bad Capital, downloading torrents might be a good idea as it’ll allow you to watch more stuff.
        People shouldn’t make profit from art, anyway. It is wrong; art should be accessible to anyone. As soon as you put a price tag on it, some people won’t be able to access it.

        • THAT Guy

          People shouldn’t make profit from art?  I know, right?  I mean, why would you compensate anyone for the time and effort they put into creating something?  Why in the world would anybody ever pay somebody for an amazing show of skill that they have worked years to develop and hone?  That’s just ridiculous, right?  So please explain to me then just why an artist with skills that you will never possess is less deserving of being able to charge people who want to enjoy his work than anybody else is of doing the same thing.  If you don’t want to partake of a person’s craft, don’t buy it, if you do, they deserve your compensation.  Bills don’t get paid by good feelings.

        • bfg666

          Skills I’ll never possess? Why is it that you assume that you know me? For your education, let me tell you I’m actually an artist myself. Yes, I make art and yes, I advocate for free access to arts. Can you process that in your narrow mind? I’m a composer and I publish my works on a pay-what-you-want basis, with no minimum charge. Art elevates people and comforts them, and who needs more comfort than the poor? Why should I forbid anyone access to my art on a trivial profit issue? Like many americans, you side with capitalism. I choose to side with humans. To each his own.
          By the way, does anyone know how to unlike a comment? I accidentally “liked” Jimmy’s while there was nothing likeable in what he said.

        • Frankie

          bfg666 When you’re on the road for a couple months spending money on gas, fast food or nicer restaurants, recreational activities, feeling alone while your family is missing you as they stay at home, and possibly even getting your vehicle broken into and having laptops or instruments stolen out of your vehicle (Someone made those, you probably paid money for a guitar/keyboard that was MADE, and possibly factory made as opposed to real workers creating by hand – That should fucking hurt, as an artist.) while you’re in a venue playing your heart out and not taking a penny from ticket sales… How trivial would those profit issues be?

        • bfg666

          @Frankie The decision to spend money on live shows is the artist’s own and shouldn’t be impacted on the audience. Also, there are ways to lower the costs and/or get your expenses back, like sponsoring, reducing your energy needs or cutting out the middlemen. You can probably find more.

  • cheescake

    I think JGL would be a good choice for Batman in the jl movie and future Batman movies

  • Batfan1

    Good Christian Bale was an awful Batman!!!

  • FredericBaneWilborn

    Then it is pointless, it never fails with these Batman movies, they find a decent one and then BOOM they change him out. Micheal Keaton one the first and the best, then Christian Bale was the most recent one. Having guys like George Clooney or Vale Klimer playing the bat was not a wise choice. But, hey maybe they will get it right this time.

  • FredericBaneWilborn

    Freefinger -batman was always angry, bale at least came the closet to how the real batman was just like, Heath Ledger was the best Joker.

  • TheRiddler

    People, its a totally different franchise.  Michael Keaton to Val Kilmer to George Clooney, same franchise.  Clooney to Bale, different franchishe.  From Bale to Ben Affleck, different franchise. Total reboot.

    • bfg666

      Your point being…?

    • WyattDingBatty

      Except that Michael Keaton and Tim Burton had their own franchise.

      • bfg666

        WyattDingBatty Umm, no. Shumacher’s movies, as bad as they were, were the continuation of the universe set by Tim Burton.

        • WyattDingBatty

          OK. I’ll give you that.

  • JosephHandibode

    People get over Christian Bale.  His Batman would not work since they need a actor that will play in all future Justice league or DC team up movies.  You can’t put in actor who won’t commit to all the movies period!  Christian Bale doesn’t want to do Batman anymore regularly.

  • DustinLuther

    Wonder what RDJ would say to being batman….haha

  • SamanthaLaraLane

    Adam has something on the younger guys that they don’t have on him!Did Keaton,Kilmer,Clooney or Bales have an original dance??NOPE!They couldn’t handle THE BATUSI!Groovey dance baby,yeah!

  • Strider

    Sorry, but I won’t be voting in any poll that has Assfuck listed as Batman. Even if it happens, I’m not watching the movie.

    • bfg666


  • bfg666

    And now we’ll have The Fleck taking the mantle. Fuck. Thanks a lot, Chris!

  • Jakie

    Ben Affleck is hell not deserve to be cast as Batman….why the fuck they cast this bullshit actor can’t belive…i m not going to watch the movie bullshit

  • bfg666

    By the way, this “deserving” sense of entitlement is exactly why these guys get such obscene paychecks. I mean, 50 mil to RDJ for Iron Man 3? Where the hell is this going?

  • KevinEggersdorf

    Michael Keaton was the best Batman and better actor.

  • KevinEggersdorf

    They need to add a filter that blocks trolling, Some people are so stupid they don’t know when to stop.

  • SamanthaLaraLane

    But if they do add a filter to filter out online Trolls that would block out 99% of the people online and cause the internet to be shut down bro.

  • SamanthaLaraLane

    Ever notice that we always have a good Batman but Bruce always lack an actor that can portray him??I mean Bruce is an essential part of Batman,right??We have Keaton and Bales as good actors that did great in the Batmans shoes  but neither portrayed Bruce right,one is so forgiving and the other shows him as a jack ass?

  • PPW

    My vote goes to Kevin Conroy, who performed all of the outstanding voice acting in the critically acclaimed Batman animated series and direct-to-video movies of the 90’s.

  • mynameismynamebethell

    Keaton over Kilmer?

    • WyattDingBatty

      Yeah. Duh!

  • SamanthaLaraLane

    Idiots accidentally put Bales and not West.Someone miss the correct choice.

  • JollyStomperUSA

    Christian Bale is by far a superior actor amongst these other talented men as well. Let’s not leave that aspect out please.

  • AndyDerksen

    I enjoyed the Nolan-Batman trilogy BY FAR over previous versions.  But in terms of sheer performance both as Bruce Wayne /and/ as Batman–I have to give the nod to Michael Keaton.  I would’ve gone with Bale *IF* he’d continued using the ‘Batman Begins’ voice; but throughout TDK and TDKR he just growled all the time.

  • SamaraZeurra

    Keaton best batman but I love TDKS because it became less comical and more realistic. ..I knew I would love the series from the 1st preview. ..yes I knew then there would be more 🙂

  • Barbi29

    Micheal Keaton was BY FAR the BEST after the original Adam West …. they shoulda just left things alone!and stopped changing switiching to all these different Batmen .. Keaton was and always be the BEST and I for one would LOVE to see him return =) !!

    • RobWPrelle

      Barbi29Just want to put out there the the fact that Lewis Wilson was the 1st Live action Batman, not Adam “Second Worse Batman ever” West.

  • EdvionHammond

    I’m go see this movie. Snyder you have a lot of Angry Fans out here base on your decision making Ben Dum ass as Batman. I would of been fine if the movie been release in 2016 so, you guys can find a Excellent batman actor I’m looking forward for Ben making me shut up but, Dare Devil movie he act in gets me like this. I’m a huge comic movie critic. Always a D.C. and Marvel fan please make this movie with a passion Marvel Ant-Man and Black Panther will be out in 2015 so, I hope you guys make me and fan go see Bat vs Sup first then the other  I crave to see.

  • ChrisChapman

    although keaton was the best, Bale redefined batman, but i think Affleck is going to surprise the fuck out of people.  Cant wait to see what he brings to the table,   You need to remember, the shoes that he has to fill now, are fucking gigantic.  There are people that have stakes in this new film, and they wouldnt have gave the role to Affleck if they didnt think he could do what they wanted.  Internet fan boys will eat their words is my bet.

  • abtsux

    Gotta say Bale and Nolan made bruce Wayne interesting which Keaton in my opinion did NOT do. Ad for Affleck….God help us all. But then hey I never would have gone with Bale or Ledger so what do I know.

  • SleepyCloud

    I wish they kept Bale’s Batman alive because the way his Batman costume and Henry’s Superman costume just look so great together. And the way the Characters where would make the fighting in Man of Steel 2 or Batman vs. Superman would be awesome. But I will see the Ben Affleck Batman.

  • Ocfallenan9el

    Hello!! Christian Bale is by far the best actor to play Batman! Plus he’s the hottest Batman!

  • Birgeman

    To me, Bale was the closest to portaying Batman in the way I feel believable. Batman has always been my favorite character because he is flesh and blood person. Not filled with gamma radiation, or speacial sun powers. Bale showed us a batman that can be hurt, his body broken after a fight and needed to be healed.
    A batman filled with the same emotions and passions as the comic. He also showed how batman relies on his ingenuity, and foresight to win battles. He gets a lot of critisisum for his growl voice. Did anyone ever really notice the other batmen try to diguise their voice. He interacted with a lot of people that Bruce Wayne interacted with. It would not take long for anyone to notice it was him behind the mask just by his voice. We are all passionate in our own ways when it comes to this subject. I liked some aspects of the other batmen. I just believe Bale showed it the best. I respect everyone else’s opinions.

  • Gorb

    Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney were hideous, but those 1990s movies were hideous for many other reasons besides the rotten casting. Burton and Schumaker should never have been allowed near the franchise. Nolan’s version is the best so far, but there is so much room for improvement. Bale should never have been cast, as his features are so distinctive and his lisp so pronounced that the idea of his having a “secret identity” was never believable. What’s needed is something closer to the Gregory Peck-like vision of Miller and Mazzuchelli. Focus less on body armor and action figures, and more on the investigator and moralist. IMO the best Batman on screen so far –BY FAR — is Kevin Porter from Bat-In-The-Sun. Rgds

    • Soldier

      He must be on something really strong to chat that much shit

  • 13467538

    Adam West, because you cannever take Batman seriously.


    Batman was destoyed by Nolan, the most vulgar Batman of all times.
    A Batman training by ninjas, who’s afraid of bats, all Batman “fantastic toys” are already stored in a warehouse waiting some black paint. He’s voice isobjectively ridiculous. Etc.

    The two Burton are the best.
    The others were just ridiculous not vulgar as the last 3 Batman.
    After Burton the firt period is more than expected, now just missing a real Dark Night…

  • S

    Nolan and Bale made the most realistic Batman possible. Bale turned it down because Superman(and the rest of the JLA) are not possible in the Batman Nolanverse. There’s no way ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ could have happened if Superman existed in the same world. He would have swooped in, stolen Bane’s bomb and thrown it out into space; end of movie. The universe in which Superman and the JLA exists needs a less realistic, more campy Batman; therefore, he had to be recast.

    • JohnDorian

      @S Or he turned it down because………. he didn’t want to share the spotlight with other actors? Who knows….. How do we know that superman wasn’t in the middle of the ocean on a fishing boat with no access to a radio…….
      Or how do we know that the bane incident didn’t happen before clark kent became superman?

  • fdgryabh

    Where’s Kevin Conroy?

  • AlexSchweitzer

    my favrite is kevin conroy

  • ChristopherLairdriver

    The main reason is that Bale is 10 years older.  Batman is really hard on the body.  Tobey Mcguire practically destroyed his back doing the Spiderman movies.  It takes a tonne of discipline to maintain that physique.  They had Henry Cavil eating 6000 calories a day worth of chicken and fish.  Constant training.

    Christian Bale is a very versatile actor. Batman takes up a tonne of time. He wanted to do other films.

  • TitusAndrei

    Ben Affleck as Batman ,what a stupid joke