REWIND: Barbara Palvin @ “Lawless” Cannes Film Festival

Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin

So not-so-breaking news that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up. All this supposedly revolves around Justin’s flirting with 19 year old Victoria’s Secret hottie Barbara Palvin. Well, given that Selena is likely a crazy untrusting Latina it’s no surprise that she’d flip out with reports of Justin’s flirting with the Victoria’s Secret models, especially the report that he and Barbara hit up a showing of “The Lion King” on Broadway. Selena posted this photo on Twitter and so fucking what? Get over yourself Selena. This coming from the same chick who we firmly believed planned this ambush on Justin back in April on the set of his music video for “Boyfriend”. Remember that Selena Gomez look-a-like?

Who really gives a shit that the two broke up? Crap, we’re sure that line is going to get some diehard Selena/Justin fans pissed off. But really, Justin should take this experience as a lesson to lead the Leo DiCaprio lifestyle of hooking up with supermodel after supermodel since he can. Erin Heatherton just got made available by Leo so looks like she could use some serenading from Justin. Anyway, so these photos of Barbara are from months back at the Cannes Film Festival taken at the Lawless premiere, we’re sure Shia LaBeouf probably tried getting a piece.

And in honor of over-hyping Barbara, we’ve decided to load up the Gallery with some of her best work with Victoria’s Secret so to clicking and you’ll see how Justin couldn’t have resisted. Sorry Selena, maybe it’s time to leak some nude photos to get us back on your side.

  • I’d say he traded up. Regardless he should get as many as he can for as long as he can before the world figures out he’s a doofus.

  • gallosai

    Living proof that women only dig money.

  • Her body is a 10, I’m not sure if I like her smile. Am I crazy?

    • LaLa

      I get what you mean. It’s a bit like Heath Ledger’s smile in the Joker (wide on the sides), but she is so beautiful in so many other ways, that I find her flaws almost perfect.

    • err

      Haha. I understand the confusion. Sometimes her upper gums show when she smiles and her teeth are small, but I don’t know, I just dig it. 🙂

  • jimbolovesmiley

    I know its all legal and stuff and i must be getting old but it seems a bit wrong that an 18yr old girl does photo shoots in lingerie like that, great pics though!

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    I love her!

  • xoo

    I rarely see someone with such a good high fashion model-look and who is so gorgeous at the same time.Most high fashion models are odd lookin.

  • the body smooths out other flaws

  • Loser

    So wait, Justin banged this chick and then went BACk to Selena?! Wow

    • mxcan

      why wow? what if this chick has bad breath?

      • Loser

        With a face and body like that, you’re worried about bad breath?!

        Have you heard of chewing gum or

  • beautiful face. love her sooo much 🙂