Sugar Momma Jennifer Lopez & Her Sugar Baby – Golden Globes 2013

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in LA

Since her new film “Parker” is set to release later this month, Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet w/ her sugar baby Casper Smart. The lovebirds just finished a worldwide “On the Floor” tour last month & now they seem to be chillin’. Former flames, Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck, who were dubbed “Bennifer” back when they were together in 2002-2004, reunited at last night’s Golden Globe Awards & all reports are indicating that it wasn’t an awkward reunion. Let’s face it, I’m pretty sure Ben misses that booty, regardless of how annoying she can be.

Even though we’re somewhat shocked that Jennifer Lopez keeps scoring roles even though most of her films fall flat at the box-office, producers are rolling the dice one more time with the action flick “Parker,” which also stars Mr. Tough Guy, Jason Statham. Here’s some plot action:

Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief, who doesn’t steal from the poor or hurt innocent people. At the beginning of the film, his trusted crew ends up betraying him, and leaving him for dead. However, he survives and follows them to Palm Beach, Florida to get revenge on them. Disguising himself, he enlists the help of real estate agent Leslie Rogers (Jennifer Lopez), one of their targeted victims, to find out about the plan his former crew has made. [Source]