Photo-Op or True Love? Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman Do Lunch In London

Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman Grab Lunch In London

Simply judging by the fact that Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman are eating in such a public place in the company of hungry members of the British papz, we’re gonna have to assume Simon’s taking the advice of his P.R. department cleaning up some of the mess he created earlier this year by having sex with his best friend’s wife. We’re pretty sure Simon & Lauren had drunken sex while on one of his many yacht excursions in the Mediterranean b/c why else wouldn’t put on a frickin’ condom?! I don’t get it.

But you have to admit, Simon holding the hand of his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman as they enjoyed lunch in London was a nice touch.

Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman Grab Lunch In London


  • skilligan

    she’s not bad at all looks wise but she is an awful human being

  • lenilovesfeet

    She is a good looking woman, they look good together. I think her husband knew what was going on, Simon and Lauren weren’t exactly subtle about their affair. Maybe they had an open marriage, who knows, I won’t judge her. People make mistakes, or just fall out of love.