SUPER BOWL: Candice Swanepoel @ ESPN The Magazine’s ‘NEXT’ Event

Celebrities and athletes attend the ESPN The Magazine's 'NEXT' Event at Tad Gormley Stadium in New Orleans, LA

Candice Swanepoel was spotted at two parties yesterday in New Orleans as part of the Super Bowl XLVII festivities. First she hit the ESPN The Magazine’s ‘NEXT’ Event at Tad Gormley Stadium where she met the AXE Astronaut & then later she met the same AXE Astronaut dude at the Rolling Stone party.

On one hand, you gotta feel sorry for the guy in the suit b/c it’s not everyday you can get your photo taken standing next to a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model, but on the other hand, it’s a little more fulfilling than than sitting at home in front of you computer looking at Candice Swanepoel bikini photos all night. We should also note that it’s better than being the guy who’s posting photos of dudes wearing Astronaut suits standing next to hot chicks like Candice Swanepoel (another reason to get even more depressed). God damn, my life sucks ass.