“Spring Breakers” Star Selena Gomez Catwalks Out Of Panera

Selena Gomez keeps a low profile with a black hat and sunglasses, as she leaves a lunch date at Panera Bread in Los Angeles

Aside from a few recent hiccups while out & about, Selena Gomez has for the most part been playing her role beautifully as the newly single Selena Gomez who just broke up with pop star Justin Bieber. These pics, which were snapped yesterday afternoon, as Selena was spotted making a very leggy outing to Panera Bread in L.A. are simply case in point.

She’s making it more than obvious that she’s on the prowl for her next conquest & she won’t just settle for just anybody. I feel like the best thing for Selena from a career standpoint is to appear unattainable, while still dabbling in a healthy dose of fuckie-fuckie on the side with a bunch of nobodies behind closed doors. The worst possible thing she could do for her career is shackle herself down with a steady man, so we’re pretty sure her agent was jumping up with joy when she broke up with J.Beebs for the 100th & final time over the holidays.

On to other business: New “Spring Breakers” promotional bikini pics of Selena recently leaked on the Internet & they’re all the buzz mainly because you can see her camel-toe. We don’t know if it’s real one or a fake one that some horndogg fan of hers decided to Photoshop into the pic after he could no longer whack off to the original bikini pics without the camel-toe upgrade, but whatever the case, the pics look pretty damn good. Let’s just say she almost manages to look legal, so good for her! Check it down below: