Kelly Brook Lands In Miami! Here Come The Bikini Pics! OW!

British star Kelly Brook travels with a trunk as she touches down in Miami

We’re assuming Kelly Brook came to Miami to vacation just like countless other Brits, so it’s only a matter of time until Kelly’s on the beach or poolside at her luxury South Beach hotel rocking one of her bikinis. Judging by the size of her giant, red suitcase, it appears as if she’s here for an extended vacation or it’s possible (more likely case) that she over-packed for her weekend trip. Kelly’s latest boy-toy Thom Evans wasn’t traveling with her, so who knows what’s going on there? South Beach has no shortage of deep-pocketed sugar daddies, so watch yourself, Kelly!

And, just for the hell of it, here’s Kelly doing a shoot with GQ to help pimp the new SL 63 AMG. This was part of GQ’s Best-Dressed List 2013.