L.A.: Sharon Stone Takes Her Argentine Sugar Baby For A Walk

Sharon Stone With Boyfriend Martin Mica

Photo Credit: WENN

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These were snapped a couple days back (Jan. 30) as 54-year-old & still sexy Sharon Stone was seen holding hands with Argentinian model boyfriend/sugar baby Martin Mica as they left a medical building. I hope she’s not trying to have his baby or anything b/c that’s not what Sugar Mommas are supposed to do with their sugar babies. Regardless of what’s going down, Sharon Stone looks really happy, so good for her!

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I wonder how many times 20 goes into 54.

skilligan like.author.displayName 1 Like

this guy doesn't know a lick of English, he does know how to count though so they're good


Cha-Ching is right, I jock like him could have better younger looking chicks...but Sharon doesn't really look that bad on this picture

MoeJackson moderator

@MundoLopez1 dude she probably goes into animal mode behind closed doors, so the guy is getting the best of both worlds