MIAMI: Kelly Brook Did A Bikini Shoot For New Look

Kelly Brook models in a bikini in Miami, Florida

For those of you who thought Kelly Brook is on a pity tour through Miami b/c she just split from Thom Evans, think again. The voluptuous model was seen working her meaty bod for cameras on a photo shoot in Miami Beach for Brit designer New Look. I don’t know if it’s the way she’s wearing her bikini top or what, but her bazookas keep looking bigger and bigger to me for some reason.

There are more pics from Kelly’s shoot coming right up, so look for those later in the day…


  • MundoLopez1

    Some may find her a bit chubby now..but me I find her really nice and juicy…love this chick.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Wow, what a feminine, hourglass figure!  I did like her body more few lbs ago but still find her super attractive.

    • RoxyGilmour

      lenilovesfeet Same here, she gains weight in the right places.

  • McP

    Hell yes!

  • skilligan

    she is still tremendous, even with the extra lbs

  • Obsidio

    Lush, LUST…..

  • bryanzee

    ITT: Chubby Chasers and fat women who relate to Kelly Brook

    • assman8

      bryanzee oh god, you’re probably a miscer aren’t you? I can tell from the use of “ITT” for a post that isn’t a thread.

      • assman8

        bryanzee oh and if you think Kelly is chubby, you’re probably a red who doesn’t even lift

        • bryanzee

          assman8 bryanzee 

          I’m a rare misc’r who lifts and doesn’t have a mind of a caveman

        • Bozz

          assman8 Bryan is just being a complete dildo right now, don’t mind him.

        • RoxyGilmour

          Bozz assman8 Was it you who started calling him a dildo? LOL!

        • bryanzee


          I love that nickname.

      • McP

        assman8 I’ve learned a new word.

    • Bozz

      bryanzee ITT is an anagram for TIT.

  • Nobodysfaultbutmine

    So. Fucking. Hot.

  • RoxyGilmour

    The Headliner Yay Headliner! I was wondering where you were 🙂

  • Bozz


  • curvefan

    I would do any and everything to her right now but her time on top is rapidly approaching.