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Miley Cyrus Cruises Around Studio City In Her Hoochie Shorts!

Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Toned Abs In Floral Crop Top

Miley was all smiles earlier this afternoon as the former Disney starlet was seen leaving a friend’s house in Studio City. she was showing off her abs in a floral crop top paired with dangerously short, ass-cheek-hugging short-shorts. YOU GO GIRl!

As we’ve stated over & over again, Miley Cyrus is continuing to rape her Disney past with an elephant sized dildo in order to once & for all set herself up for a fruitful career in the adult film industry. Judging by her approach over the past few months, we have a feeling Miley has taken the whole “adult film industry” thing a little too seriously. Then again, we all know how Hollywood functions. With the right script, coupled with Miley’s desire to strip off all her clothes on camera, I’m pretty sure we’ll one day see Miley win Best Actress honors at the Academy Awards. You heard it here first!

The “Aaaw, That’s Cute” Matchup Featuring Verne Troyer on a Scooter!

Verne Troyer gets some exercise on a kids scooter

Which other website on the net can feature a chick like Claudia Romani wearing an ass-hugging mini dress in one post & then follow that with a matchup featuring world-famous dwarf, Verne Troyer? If you’re ever thinking, “God, what the fuck am I doing on this piece of shit site that changes every fucking day?,” then always remember one thing: while most gossip sites feature somewhat predictable content, we on the other hand, can pull anything out of ass at any given time. Sure that works against us 98% of the time, but fuck it!

Anyway, here’s Verne Troyer getting in some quality exercise on a scooter in Malibu. The dude is so cool that he stopped off to chat w/ fans and even got his face licked by a random-ass dog! Fucking awesome. I don’t think I can remember any other celebrity in the past eight years showing this much love. Major props to Verne.

MIAMI: Claudia Romani Should’ve Just Worn Her Bikini…

Italian fashion model Claudia Romani, wearing a tight purple mini dress with wedgies and carrying a tote with a caricature of herself, leaves her apartment in Miami Beach, Florida

Damn Claudia! If you’re not careful, you’re gonna give unsuspecting old dudes in Miami Beach a heart attack if you keep dressing like this while running errands! These were snapped earlier this afternoon as Italian model Claudia Romani was spotted rocking an insanely tight, purple mini as she cat-walked out of her apartment building carrying a tote with a caricature of herself on it. It’s safe to say that this lil’ dress leaves very little to the imagination.

Unfortunately we were unable to get our hands on a new set of bikini pics featuring Claudia having some fun under a public shower at a local beach. No worries, I’m sure they’ll turn up some where. It appears she’s wearing a bikini under the mini dress & these particular pics were snapped earlier in the afternoon before the the shower episode. DAMN YOU, EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS!!!

Here’s a photo Claudia Tweeted at about 11:30PM EST w/ the following message, “ohh what happened to me in those pics? scaryyyy!Let me attach this at the TV show from 1 hour ago…”

Claudia Romani

Allison Williams’s Bikini Pics From Miami Bring The Links!

Exclusive... Allison Williams Catches Some Rays In Miami

“Girls” star Allison Williams relaxes in Miami Beach.

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BREAKING!! Selena Gomez Photographed Exiting Car While Holding Iced-Tea & Talking On Her Phone AT THE SAME TIME!

Elena Gomez734903-0-000-1

As most of you have probably heard by now, Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber are rumored to having puppy-love sex again. I guess Justin’s been sitting on his computer looking at Selena’s “leaked” bikini photos from “Spring Breakers” and decided he still wants a piece. Since he’s used to getting what he wants, Selena was seen leaving his Los Angeles home on late Friday night after the duo reported hit up a show at Soho House by girl group Young LA. Even though I feel stupid writing about this, the news of the reunion first broke when one of the band members Tweeted, “Our girl the beautiful Selena @Selenagomez was front and centre last night for our first show! We love u…”

Another member of the band further confirmed with a separate tweet, “No big deal.. Bieber and Gomez front seat at our first show. Musta been the music. <3."

Can't these two find other people to satisfy them sexually? Especially Justin! What the fuck?

MIAMI: Kelly Brook Did A Bikini Shoot For New Look

Kelly Brook models in a bikini in Miami, Florida

For those of you who thought Kelly Brook is on a pity tour through Miami b/c she just split from Thom Evans, think again. The voluptuous model was seen working her meaty bod for cameras on a photo shoot in Miami Beach for Brit designer New Look. I don’t know if it’s the way she’s wearing her bikini top or what, but her bazookas keep looking bigger and bigger to me for some reason.

There are more pics from Kelly’s shoot coming right up, so look for those later in the day…


So Yeah, Dennis Rodman Wrote A Children’s Book

Dennis Rodman Signs Copies Of His New Children's Book

I have to admit, I was pretty damn shocked when I learned about Dennis Rodman’s new children’s book, ‘Dennis the Wild Bull‘. It’s a cute title & it makes sense, but still, Dennis Rodman?!? I guess sneaking into the NBA Hall of Fame really forced the guy to get his shit together, but couldn’t he have done other shit like providing clean water to impoverished villages in Africa and a little community service in the inner city before venturing into the lucrative children’s book industry?! Don’t you need a little credibility before you can start preaching to innocent kids? I guess not.

These photos were snapped on Saturday at Anderson’s Bookstore in Naperville, Illinois. Among the anxious fans who stood in line for hours—yes hours—to see the former NBA bad boy was LaShonda Nelson. Believe it or not, but this woman waited a total of 17 years to have Rodman autograph the jersey he first gave to her following the Bulls 1995-96 season championship game at the United Center. God damn.

Ravens defeat 49ers in a memorable Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

Now when I mean “memorable” like I did in the title, i’m talking purely from a football standpoint. Let’s set aside the abundance of non-football shenanigans that surround the big game. Most of the time during commercials I was busy checking Twitter for football related reactions so the only one I remember seeing is the “Leon Sandcastle” one but it was excellent. I didn’t see much of Beyonce (am I the only one who did a beer run?) but apparently she killed it so congratulations to her. It ended up being football heavy for me, just how I prefer it. Here’s what stood out the most for me:

A lot of people predicting the game pointed out that things would start out slow for the 49ers once again due to their inexperience and it’s pretty much exactly what happened. The Ravens looked like a veteran team with offensive firepower that had their eye on the prize. It was all Ravens the first half, led by the ELITE play of Joe Flacco (3 TDs) and all of a sudden the game looked like it was going to be a blowout in favor of the Ravens. The Ravens continued their momentum with a TD off a kickoff return and the game looked over until, well, the all mighty black out. The black out was probably the greatest time to ever be on Twitter as a sports fan.

Conspiracy theories were being tossed around during the wait. Clearly the stoppage of play was going to favor the 49ers, giving them time to take a breath and figure out what was going on while halting the momentum of the Ravens. For a while it looked like the teams had literally switched, the Niners having a furious rally to get within one score late in the 3rd quarter. The game got even closer on a Kaepernick TD halfway through the 4th and when it looked like the Niners were going to score to take the lead, the Ravens held on to force a turnover on down. The final play on the drive for the 49ers had some controversy because of an apparent hold but it’s still questionable whether or not the pass was close enough to be caught either way.

It was a game not of two halves but one of post and pre-black out. Ravens win 34-31 and the story lines among the team are plenty. Can Joe Flacco finally be labeled as “elite”? Yes, he was the best quarterback last night and the best throughout the playoffs. Now he has the hardware to back it up. I know it’s tough right now but 49ers fans shouldn’t be too down because they have a very young and talented team that will contend for a spot in the Super Bowl for a long time to come.

Photos of Fashionable Celebrities @ Super Bowl XLVII Weekend Parties! OW!

Kate Upton, Audrina Patridge & Maria Menounos

Pictured: Kate Upton, Audrina Patridge & Maria Menounos

Just like every other year, there were a long list of celebrities, mainly really ones, running through various parties over Super Bowl Weekend. This just gives a chance for deep-pocketed sugar daddies to toss down a few shots & get a piece of some celebrity ass. We went through & chose our personal favorites from over the weekend, so hope you bastards enjoy the pics.

Hayden Panettiere, Brooklyn Decker, Katharine McPhee, Ashley Greene, Anna Faris, Jaime Chung, Hannah Simone, & Olivia Munn

Pictured: Hayden Panettiere, Brooklyn Decker, Katharine McPhee, Ashley Greene, Anna Faris, Jaime Chung, Hannah Simone, & Olivia Munn

Nina Dobrev @ 2nd Annual NFL Honors & DirecTV Beach Bowl 2013

Nina Dobrev - 2nd Annual NFL Honors in New Orleans-1

Pictured: Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev blessed various Super Bowl-festivities with her undeniable cuteness over the weekend. The ‘Vampire Diaries’ beauty also participated in the DirecTV Beach Bowl 2013, along with Deion Sanders, Snoop Lion, Katharine McPhee, Maria Menounos & Olympic track & field hottie Lolo Jones.

Nina Dobrev

Pictured: Nina Dobrev

Hannah Davis, Lolo Jones, Katharine McPhee and Maria Menounos

Pictured: Hannah Davis, Lolo Jones, Katharine McPhee and Maria Menounos

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